Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Review: bringing the flip back in fashion

Published Aug 25, 2023 - In this review, we delve into the features of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 so you can decide if it’s right for you. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is unfolding a new smartphone experience. If you’re searching for a top-performing phone that’s a little different, check out the Galaxy Z Flip. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, it's time to flip your perspective on what a smartphone can do.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 - a futuristic foldable design

The Galaxy Z Flip5 makes a statement with its foldable design. Unlike traditional smartphones, this device is a compact clamshell creation that effortlessly fits into your palm. This portability makes it a game-changer if you want the advantages of a larger screen without compromising on convenience.

But, if you tend to lose your phone in the depths of your bag, the small size could be really annoying.

The Flip 5 is also one step ahead of the similar style Motorola Razr 5G, as the screen is always on so you don´t have to swipe or tap to see your messages.

Unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip4, the Flip5 has a much larger screen at 3.4 inches when folded, compared to the Flip4’s 1.9-inch screen. This extra 1.5 inches of space makes all the difference when you want to answer messages or find your way with Google Maps. However, watching a Netflix video on 3.4 inches will likely strain your eyes.

A display screen to maximise your efficiency

If you’re one of those people that gets distracted by other apps every time you look at your phone, the Galaxy Z Flip5 is the answer. You know what it’s like – you go to check an email and before you know it you’ve been shopping on Amazon, watched a YouTube video and checked to see who’s posted on Insta. Meantime you’ve wasted half an hour and forgotten why you were opening your email.

The question is, are you disciplined enough not to open the screen to check you haven’t missed out on anyone’s TikTok posts?

When the phone is folded, the ‘flex window’ as Samsung call it, only shows you what you want to see. Samsung allows you to choose a limited selection of apps, such as YouTube and WhatsApp, but you have to activate these in settings. If you want a wider choice of Apps you’ll need to download Good Lock from the App Store – not ideal if you’re not tech-minded. 

The handy qwerty keyword on the folded window means you can type messages without opening the phone, again avoiding those pesky distractions. But if you’ve been blessed with big hands you are NOT going to be comfortable using this keyboard. It’s fine for short responses to notifications, but try and send a long email and you’re going to get frustrated.

For larger screen viewing unfold the phone to experience a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen for everything from streaming videos to scrolling through social media or browsing the web. While it may seem a small thing, something to consider is whether you’re going to find opening the phone inconvenient. If you can handle most of your notifications on the cover screen all will be well, but if you find opening and closing the screen a hassle you’re going to get frustrated.

On the practical side, Samsung takes care of the durability of this flip phone by incorporating Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) in the Galaxy Z Flip 5's design, making the display more robust while still maintaining its foldability. This ensures that the phone can withstand the rigors of daily use while still offering a smooth folding mechanism.

The Galaxy Z Flip5’s performance

A Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy processor powers the Flip5, ensuring smooth performance. Supported by 256 or 512 GB of memory, this phone has no problem handling everyday tasks and even some light gaming.

The 3,700mAh battery is a little on the small side compared to other smartphone batteries, and will last for an average day’s use without the need to top up. According to Samsung you’ll get up to 57 hours of listening time or be able to watch 20 hours of videos in a day, however, this is stretching it a bit. So battery life could be an issue if you’re constantly on your phone.

Samsung also promises OS updates for 4 years and security patches for 5, to keep the device working efficiently and up to date.

Impressive Camera Capabilities

Equipped with a dual-camera setup, the Galaxy Z Flip5 proves that foldable phones can excel with photography and video. The 12MP main and 12MP ultra-wide cameras capture detailed and vibrant shots in different light levels. The small outer display can even act as a viewfinder for quick selfies when the device is folded, ensuring that you never miss a photo opportunity.

What’s great about taking photos and videos with the Galaxy Z Flip5 is you don´t have to balance it on a shelf to take a selfie. Instead, you fold the phone and it supports itself leaving you free to strike your best pose. If you want to capture the moment fast you don´t even have to unfold – just point and shoot.

We also thought we’d mention that the folding capability means you can eat your lunch and watch videos at the same time – maybe not the best table manners but great if you’re in a hurry. But what you won’t be able to do is plug in your wired headphones as there’s no jack, so you’ll need to go Bluetooth.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 is useful for multitasking. The Flex Mode allows you to split the screen into two separate sections, making it ideal for video calls, taking photos, or keeping an eye on notifications while watching videos. This innovation enhances your productivity because let’s face it, who does one task at a time these days?

For quality night shots, the 4K Nightography video at 60 fps takes impressive pictures where you can actually see the subject, not just a black background.


Technical specifications at a glance



Flex window size


Main display




Flex window resolution

720 x 748 Super Amoled

Flex window refresh rate


Full screen resolution

2640 x 1080 FHD+ Dynamic Amoled 2X

Full screen refresh rate



256 GB and 512 GB



Front camera


Wide angle camera


Digital zoom

up to 10X



How much does the Galaxy Z Flip5 Cost?

A brand new Galaxy Z Flip5 will cost you around $999 for the base model or $1,099 for twice the storage. But if you don't want to spend that much, you can find a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 on Back Market to save yourself some extra cash.

We’ll also buy your old tech (subject to our conditions) so you could potentially get even more of a bargain when you trade in your old phone.

All our phones are certified by our technical experts and come with a one-year warranty, so if something goes wrong we’ve got you covered.

Why You Should Consider the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is an excellent choice if you’re seeking innovation and individuality in your smartphone experience. Its foldable design not only sets it apart from conventional smartphones, but also offers practicality and style in equal measure.

The Flex Mode offers multitasking and portability thanks to the folding feature giving this device a unique edge. But this phone isn’t for everyone – so you should consider if you’ll be happy with a foldable model before you part with your cash.

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