S10 or Note 10?

Is the S10 Still a Good Phone in 2022?

Updated Jan 25, 2023 - The S10 costs less than ever and still shows excellent performance with some nice upgraded features over the S9.

Is the Samsung S10 better than the iPhone?

Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 was released in March 2019, it shared direct competition with the Apple iPhone XR and Apple iPhone 11 which were released in September 2018 and September 2019 respectively. So if we're comparing the S10 to these two iPhone models, then you'll find a better display and evenly matched specs on the Galaxy S10.  In this case, it's really is a matter of  brand preference when choosing between a flagship-level Samsung phone and an equivalent iPhone model from around the same time period. But if you want to get a more detailed look at how the Galaxy S10 compares, check out our smartphone comparison tool:

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Will the S10 price drop?

As of January 2023, the Galaxy S10 series is still receiving Android OS and security software updates, but keep in mind that this could be one of its last. The S9 stopped receiving updates in 2022, just 4 years after its release, so Samsung will likely continue this pattern and discontinue updates for the S10 in 2023 (4 years after its release). 

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How many years will the S10 last?

It's safe to estimate that most Samsung Galaxy models will continue performing well through about 4 years. As mentioned before, this is usually the point where Samsung will discontinue software updates and you'll no longer receive the newest Android OS version. The being said, as long as you're taking proper care to protect your Galaxy S10, this phone has the hardware to continue performing for even longer. You're biggest concern should be for battery performance, which tends to degrade over time, but a simple new battery replacement will quickly solve that. Otherwise, it's completely understandable to look for a replacement or upgrade smartphone around the 3 to 4 year mark, especially if you want to take advantage of new smartphone features and improved technology.

Which one is better, the S9 or the S10?

While we still think the S9 is a good phone, overall the Galaxy S10 has much more to offer and showcases a few notable upgrades from its predecessor.  One of the biggest updates is to its camera, which now features 3 rear lenses (as opposed to just one on the S9) and improved photography capabilities. So if you're big into taking phone photos than you'll definitely want to lean towards the Galaxy S10, but both you'll be getting a deal on either model with prices for both hovering above and below $100. 

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