Is the S10 Still a Good Phone in 2022?

The S10 costs less than ever, and is still an excellent performer

S10 or Note 10?
Is the Samsung S10 better than the iPhone?

It depends which iPhone you are comparing it to, but since the S10 is a direct rival to the iPhone 11 and XR, you should know the strengths this phone has over its competitors. It has a better display than both of those iPhones models, and is pretty evenly matched in most other ways. It really is a matter of preference when choosing between a flagship-level Samsung phone and an equivalent iPhone model released in the same year.


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Will the S10 price drop?

The S10 price has already dropped by more than half, which makes it perhaps the perfect time to purchase a refurbished S10. This phone is still receiving Android OS updates, which makes it feel no different than the newest Samsung releases. But it gets even better, because at Back Market you get discounts as cheap as Black Friday deals even when it’s not Black Friday!

Looking for a better deal? The Pixel 4 has the same Snapdragon 855 chip as the S10, but has a much lower asking price on the refurbished market. Compare the Pixel 4 vs S10 using our comparison tool.

How many years will the S10 last?

Even though the S10 will not receive the newest OS updates for as long as equivalent Apple iPhones, you can expect the newest Android OS versions for the next 1-2 years and continued security patch support for an additional 2 years. Expect this phone to be a reliable smartphone that never leaves your side for the foreseeable future :)

Which one is better, the S9 or the S10?

The S10 is a big step up over the S9, but if you can find a good deal on the S9 and have a tight budget, go for it! Any flagship-level Samsung phone released within the last 3 years should still work great.

Want to read more about the S9 vs S10? Click on the link to see a detailed comparison of the two devices :)

How does the Note 10 compare to the S10?

The Note 10 and S10 are very similar phones, but the Note 10 will give you a slightly bigger display and better battery life, while the S10 comes with the added perk of a headphone jack. Oh, and don’t forget that you’re also getting an S-Pen inside the Note 10! The S-Pen may not be a gamechanger, but it’s a nice feature to have and comes in handy if you like journaling :)

Is Samsung or Apple better?

If you compare equally priced Samsung and Apple smartphones, you’ll realize that Samsung is generally able to give you a lot more for your money in terms of hardware, while iPhones are known for having a more seamless user experience. But to be honest, you can’t go wrong with either choice. It's just a matter of preference.

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