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Published January 13, 2023 - How Back Market gives back

Back Market philanthropy

Our mission at Back Market is to build trust and desire for renewed devices. While a lot goes into that on the business side, making the world a better place in more ways than one is a given. We focus on giving back in two ways. The first is what we as a company can do — from financial to programmatic support. We prioritize environmental causes and causes close to our work in the refurbishment industry.  The second is how we can empower our employees to do so in their own communities.

Building long-term relationships for good

For many years we focused on financial gifts to organizations that we felt were in line with our mission. In order to maximize our impact, we’ve started building long-term partnerships with organizations: Closing the Loop Foundation and Emmaüs Connect, and CFA Ducretet.

Reducing e-waste

Minimizing the creation of e-waste is close to our heart at Back Market. E-waste, or electronic waste, is any piece of tech that is tossed before its time is up. It’s the leading solid-waste stream globally, outpacing fast fashion, and unfortunately, a lot of it ends up in our landfills and leaks toxic chemicals into our soil and water.

E-waste dumping heavily impacts the countries that mine or produce the materials to manufacture brand new tech. Since 2021, we’ve partnered with the CTL Foundation, a Dutch organization dedicated to transforming the byproducts of the electronics industry into opportunities in Africa. Through the CTL Foundation, we’re able to support e-waste cleanup, create jobs locally, and help communities safely handle e-waste recycling and disposal.

Fighting the digital divide

In an increasingly digital world, a lack of fluency in digital tools can mean increasing isolation and economic hardship. Not being able to use a smartphone shouldn’t be an obstacle to finding a job, video chatting loved ones, or making a doctor’s appointment — but for many, it is. 

Since 2021, we have partnered with Emmaüs Connect to help folks from underserved communities train in digital skills. From the elderly to underserved neighborhoods, Emmaüs Connect teaches the digital skills necessary to function in our world, empowering people through their program to build community connections. Digital is our world — and anyone who wants to be a part of it should have access.


Helping build careers through the refurbishment industry

In 2022, alongside our insurance providers Cardif and Bolttech, we partnered with CFA Ducretet, a refurbishment skills training center to sponsor a vocational training program called Re.Purpose Careers. Over the course of 13 months, this workforce reintegration program gives participants the skills necessary to become professional tech refurbishers, and culminates in an apprenticeship at the refurbishment center. Graduates leave the program with a specialized skill set — and a promising career ahead of them.

Protesting Days

Our employees have their own lives (and we like it that way). We want to give them the time to honor causes that mean something to them in their personal lives — which can be hard to fit in around a 9-to-5. In that spirit, Back Market has two annual “protesting days” our employees can use to support their community and planet.

There’s one protesting day that’s company-wide, called the “Founders Protesting Day.” As a company, we take the day off work to participate in causes that align with our mission — like taking to the streets for the 2022 World Climate Strike

The second is exercised individually. From serving meals to our unhoused neighbors, walking dogs at a local animal shelter, or showing up at a union rally — our employees can take the time to be a force for good in their own communities. Additionally, some of our offices choose to flex this second day as a group, organizing an office-wide day to take off work and show up in their local community.

Got your shoes on?

As a company, we’re walking the walk as best we can. That means we know we won’t get it perfect every time. We’re always looking critically at our efforts in order to make our impact more impact-y. You can follow us on LinkedIn, where we share updates on our philanthropic initiatives. See ya there.

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