Time for their first phone?

You held out as long as you could

Kids grow up so fast. First they're talking, and next thing you know, they're ready to start texting. So what smartphone is right for your kid? Before you choose a model, make sure you choose refurbished. Premium refurbished electronics are just what you need for everyday use. No need to buy expensive new smartphones that your kiddos will inevitably drop, spill, or color on. It's also a great time to share with your little one how the tech we buy can have less of an impact on the planet — like the smartphones you can find on Back Market. Here's our selection of refurbished smartphones that are kid (and wallet) friendly.
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The best phones for kids
  • Quality-price ratio
  • Easy to repair
  • Free standard shipping
  • 1-year warranty

Because they’ll never forget their first iPhone

The best Android smartphones for kids

Good for them, for your wallet and the planet

Refurbished devices are an excellent option for kids, teens, and students. They work just like new, without the price tag. They’re also better for the planet. A refurbished smartphone emits on average 91.6% fewer carbon emissions than making a new one. You can read about the impact of refurbished smartphones versus new ones on the environment — and how much waste they can prevent. Still in doubt?
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You can protect their first phone too

Accidents happen. If they drop, crack, or spill stuff on their phone, BackUp has you covered so you can get it repaired or a reimbursement right away. Other perks include battery replacement and extra coverage in addition to our standard warranty.
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