iPhone 8: Is it still good?

Is the iPhone 8 still a good phone, or should you think about a newer model? Read on to find out.

iPhone 8 still good
Let's focus on answering this main question: Is the iPhone 8 still worth it?

To answer this, we’re going to look at the main differences between an iPhone 8 and a more modern iPhone, like the iPhone 12.

Is the iPhone 8 still a good phone when compared to a much newer iPhone?

Display: The iPhone 8 is missing out, or is it?

The iPhone 8 has an LCD display, which is an older technology than the OLED displays that you will see in newer iPhones—like the iPhone 12.

Is the iPhone 8 still a good phone despite its older display technology? What will a newer OLED display really give you?

If you ever compare an OLED vs LCD screen side-by-side, you might notice that colors seem more vibrant on the OLED, and that dark colors look, well, darker. And it’s true, OLED screens have a higher dynamic range, which means that these types of screens do, in fact, appear more vibrant, thanks to their ability to display a wider spectrum of colors.

But if you’re not especially picky, you may not even notice this difference. Or, you may actually prefer the more neutral colors that LCD screens have. In my personal experience, the more neutral colors of LCD screens feel slightly easier on my eyes. And even though LCD may be a slightly older technology, it still results in a really sharp display.

So yes, the screen on the iPhone 8 still looks great. In terms of display performance, I would say the iPhone 8 is still worth it.

Battery life: Newer iPhones are simply better (for the most part)

Let’s get one thing out of the way: most newer iPhones will have longer battery life than the iPhone 8.

Since iPhones have become gradually bigger since the release of the iPhone 8, they also received larger batteries inside. So you can expect the batteries in most newer iPhones to last you a few hours longer due to their larger capacities.

But if you’re a light/medium smartphone user, or spend most of your days in the vicinity of a smartphone charger, the extra battery life of newer iPhones may not be super appealing to you. Or, you may be thinking about settling for the iPhone 8 Plus, which has comparable battery life to the latest and greatest iPhone models.


Battery life: The iPhone 8 is still worth it, if you buy a refurbished model

There’s one more important thing to keep in mind if you want to get good battery life out of your iPhone 8: don’t buy one from a third party that doesn’t guarantee the state of their batteries in their refurbishing processes! At Back Market, merchants are not allowed to sell iPhones with batteries that have less than 80% of their lifespan still left in them. We take the word “refurbished” seriously.

So if you want an iPhone 8 that’s still worth it, make sure to buy a refurbished model from a reputable refurbished retailer.

Anything else that can help you decide if the iPhone 8 is worth it?

When assessing if the iPhone 8 is still worth it—for you—you should ask yourself what you expect to get out of this phone.

If you buy an iPhone 8, you should keep in mind that you will only be getting a couple of years (or less) of the newest Apple iOS updates. There’s nothing wrong with using an iPhone that is no longer receiving the newest updates, but you should keep in mind that you will slowly lose developer support as time goes on. Some apps will no longer be able to update, and others may no longer work altogether.

That being said, you should still be able to get a couple of years of use out of the iPhone 8 at the time of writing this. If you’re looking for a budget iPhone that still has some life left in it, the iPhone 8 will still be a good phone for you.


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