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Refurbished BLU Tank

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Designed for being resistant to drops and all-weathered certified, the line of blu tank phones have everything you want and more for your everyday-digital needs. If you've been looking for clumsy proof phone with great design and impressive performance, the blu tank xtreme line of phones are a great choice! The blu tank extreme phones offer great performance and connectivity. If what you want is basic connectivity and performance, than the smallerblu tank xtreme 2.4 is a perfect match. With a tiny size but tough interior, this phone can resist a lot. With the blu tank xtreme 4.0 you get a bigger display (4.0inch) but better camera and overall features. The blu tankextreme 5.0 features dual 5MP cameras, a 5.0 inch screen and 1GB of RAM. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured our devices here at Back Market are professionally tested and refurbished. The blu tanks phones will keep you connected as well with your GSM networks. With a IP65 certified casing that's all-weather design, you're getting more than a sleek looking phone, you're getting a tough device as well. And remember that when you buy refurbished, you're helping the planet as well!