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Christmas gift ideas for parents

Our selection of gift ideas for parents

Dad already has a nice collection of ties, while your Mom has more perfume than she could ever hope to use in a lifetime. So this year, think outside the box with a little help from Back Market, and find the perfect gift for your parents from our large online selection.

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How to find the perfect Christmas gift for your parents?

Whatever the age of your parents, you should still be aiming to get them an ideal Christmas present. Whether you choose to buy individual presents or something they’ll both enjoy, it's your responsibility to find the presents that will bring them the most joy. One thing is certain here: the sooner you start, the better chance you’ll have. This is because there will be more stock available, and you’ll have plenty of time to come up with the best gift idea.

Our gift ideas for parents

It’s not unusual for parents to be overlooked when it comes to gift giving. Which isn’t fair, considering how much support they offer us throughout the year. Christmastime is the perfect opportunity to make them feel special. Here are some of our best Christmas gift ideas:

  • If they love to cook, buy them a refurbished multifunctional food processor that will save time and effort in the kitchen.
  • If they’re movie buffs, gift them a refurbished smart TV so they can enjoy their favourite films and TV shows in high definition.
  • For staying connected with the whole family, particularly grandchildren, a refurbished smartphone is a great idea.
  • For looking their best at all times, why not buy them a refurbished electrical grooming device – such as an electric razor or heated styling brush? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade them to a refurbished electronic toothbrush.
  • If they like a bit of DIY in their spare time, finding such an appliance under the tree will surely be a welcome surprise. Whether that’s a refurbished drill, refurbished screwdriver, refurbished drill, refurbished mower or refurbished pruner – there are plenty of options.
  • Or if you think a device to let them capture precious family memories will be appreciated more, you might consider a refurbished camera.
  • The most original gifts for your parents

    Good news! Christmas gifts bought from Back Market are economical and ecological as well as being original. In addition to giving you great discounts on hundreds of products, they also help reduce electronic waste. So you can feel good on Christmas Day, not just because your parents are delighted with their gifts but also because you’ve done your bit for the planet. A refurbished voice assistant, refurbished heating blanket, refurbished smart watch, refurbished Bluetooth speaker, refurbished drone and refurbished augmented reality headset all make excellent and original Christmas gift ideas.

    Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show your parents how much you love them. Find the perfect gift on Back Market’s website, and save money while spreading the Christmas cheer.