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Refurbished Dishwasher

Upgrade your kitchenware with a refurbished dishwasher from Back Market

Some myths are hard to debunk. Often mistakenly believed to consume too much water, the dishwasher is actually the more eco-friendly approach. It uses much less water than manual dishwashing, and brings many additional smart features into the mix as well – not to mention time saved standing on your feet. At Back Market, we’ve got many models of refurbished dishwashers that will save you money as well as time and water.

Treat yourself to a cheap refurbished dishwasher

Is your dishwasher at the end of its life or no longer energy-efficient? It's time to change. The latest and greatest models to hit the market consume much less energy than their aging predecessors, and can even be programmed to wash during off-peak hours to save even more costs, for example. To push the savings even further, you can buy a dishwasher that’s been refurbished by Back Market. Our cheap dishwasher models are sold with discounts that can sometimes exceed 50% when compared to the price of a new device.

The advantages of a refurbished dishwasher

Your dishwasher can save money on your water bill as well as reduce the amount of power your household consumes – it’s another misconception that dishwashers are all energy-intensive. And the energy it does use is actually much less than that used by your water heater when manually washing dishes. Two big advantages when it comes to finding extra room in the budget.

And as mentioned, when you choose to buy a refurbished dishwasher you will also save money on the purchase price – usually around a 40 to 50% discount on even the most recent and powerful devices. At Back Market, our wide selection will help you find the refurbished dishwasher that’s right for you, and you’ll also get to enjoy a guarantee of several months. Every device we sell is tested against a number of control points, so you don’t take on any risk. Unlike a second-hand dishwasher purchased from an individual, for example, you’ll also get a warranty period of between 12 and 24 months (depending on the model). During this period you can request a repair, exchange or full refund at no additional cost.

How to buy a certified pre-owned dishwasher on Back Market

Now that you’ve decided to buy a refurbished dishwasher from Back Market, all you have to do is follow the steps below to choose the model that best suits your needs:

  • First, select the type of appliance suited to the configuration of your kitchen, choosing between a built-in dishwasher, free standing or ultra compact model.
  • Then narrow down your search further by selecting the load amount you need it to handle.
  • And finish by choosing the warranty period that suits you.

A refurbished dishwasher saves you money on the upfront price as well as on the ongoing costs. With a wide range of devices of warranty periods, there’s no reason not to buy your next dishwasher from Back Market.