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Sustainable Christmas gifts

Back Market’s website is a must-visit when buying eco-friendly Christmas presents

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly Christmas gift, then look no further than the huge selection available at Back Market. Sustainability is at the heart of Back Market’s ethos, and you’ll find many items on our site to help the recipient reconnect with a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Our most popular gift categories:

All Christmas presents are environmentally-friendly on Back Market!

On Back Market, you’ll only find refurbished products. Sold in almost brand new condition, these products would otherwise have gone to landfill. Instead, we test and repair them (if needed) before reselling them to ensure great performance and reliability, everyday. So whatever you choose to buy from Back Market, you can sleep easy knowing it’s sustainable and has prevented unnecessary electronic waste.

Sustainable Christmas gifts: sometimes little things can make all the difference

Is the person you’re buying a Christmas gift for set on an eco-friendly lifestyle? Then why not show you care about what they care about and buy them something to make their everyday lives more sustainable? You could buy them a refurbished yogurt maker and some reusable pots to help limit waste, and throw in some refurbished soda bags to perfectly preserve the remains and reduce mess. Sometimes it’s the little gestures that really count.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for the garden

If your friends or family are passionate about gardening, they might be starting to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables. In which case, a refurbished weather station might be the perfect Christmas gift for them! This small accessory lets them monitor the evolution of their plants and adjust watering schedules and suchlike accordingly, for even better results. Another good eco-friendly Christmas gift idea is a refurbished solar lamp. Perfect even for those people who don’t cultivate their gardens, these lamps are an ideal way to illuminate outdoor areas cost effectively and sustainably.

Connected objects are THE ultimate sustainable Christmas gift

Another great Christmas gift idea is a connected object for the home. To manage energy consumption effectively, there’s nothing like a refurbished connected bulb or smart radiator. The lucky owners can program them to turn on and off at certain times to prevent energy wastage. And a connected voice assistant could also be a great eco gift idea to control all smart objects in the house with just a few words.

This year, if you’ve decided to reward your loved ones with a sustainable Christmas gift, Back Market is the perfect site to find something they’ll love while protecting our planet.