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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note4

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a bright, high-resolution 5.7-inch display and takes excellent outdoor photos on its 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. Using the stylus is very convenient, and the battery charges quickly.
Although it has the same 5.7-inch screen as last year's model, Galaxy Note 4 has advanced in screen resolution from 1080p HD to a quad AMOLED 2,650x1,440 pixel HD AMOLED screen.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is for sale with a thin optical pen that sits inside the surprisingly successful 5.7-inch Galaxy phone -- makes it stand out from the crowd. No other popular phone has an optical pencil, and it takes full advantage of its mouse qualities and its ability to write and draw on the screen.
The phones' specifications also have excellent points in all aspects, including the vibrant screen and the excellent 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and the fact that the Samsung Galaxy note 4 unlocked is available. Fast LTE data rates and a rugged processor puts Note 4 in the best cell phone category. The price of the Galaxy Note 4 unlocked starts from USD 200.
Samsung ended the plastic tradition with the Galaxy Alpha phone with metal edges, a trend that is repeated in Note 4. Silver accents around the edges and buttons look elegant in the black and white versions. Straight sides are comfortable to hold the device in your hand, and the fingers can easily reach the buttons.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will delight anyone looking for a large screen fast phone, but it's best for those who want to write a lot by hand with their excellent stylus.