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Refurbished Huawei Y6

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Refurbished Huawei Y6 devices Refurbished Huawei Y6 devices are discounted by more than 30% discount on Back Market! Buying a smartphone is usually a significant investment. Make a smart choice and choose to buy a refurbished Huawei Y6 from Back Market to save money without compromising. The refurbished Huawei Y6 is a highly functional phone When you buy a Huawei Y6 you get to choose from four different versions – as there’s a 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 model. The price you pay for your refurbished Huawei Y6 will vary according to the model you choose, but rest assured you’ll get a great deal on all of them thanks to Back Market. A highly efficient phone, the refurbished Huawei Y6 comes with a powerful processor inside for fluid operation and a generous screen size of between 5 and 6.9 inches. Spend your money wisely on a refurbished Huawei Y6 Unlike when you buy a second-hand Huawei Y6, you get the luxury of choice when you buy a refurbished model. Starting with the color of your new device, you get to choose from blue, gray, black and gold handsets when you shop at Back Market. And to ensure you get to enjoy your refurbished Huawei Y6 for a long time, we subject all products to a series of tests before repackaging for sale – and include a 12-month minimum warranty for additional peace of mind. So you’re guaranteed to receive a cheap Huawei Y6 that matches your style and works perfectly. A stylish and easy to use smartphone, the refurbished Huawei Y6 will delight anyone looking for an efficient, hassle-free and cheap smartphone.