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Refurbished iPhone 4s

These minimalist iPhone run perfectly...just not on the latest iOS or with 100 apps at the same time.

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Refurbished iPhone 4S devices

Looking for a cheap smartphone? Take a look at the refurbished iPhone 4S from Back Market

Apple smartphones are something of an essential item these days. And the iPhone 4S is no exception. With its sleek and elegant design, it is also a high-functioning device that is both robust and durable – seducing users with its simplicity. But they can be expensive, and many people are looking to providers like Back Market to buy an iPhone 4S for less.

Buy an iPhone 4S for the best price

No longer sold directly by Apple, if you’re after a refurbished iPhone 4S you need to find a reseller like Back Market that has these slightly older models in stock. But that’s not bad news at all, as Back market sells cheap iPhone 4S devices – often for under a hundred dollars. And that’s not all, we also guarantee every device we sell with a minimum 12-month warranty. That means you can enjoy your new smartphone risk-free during this period, as we will repair or exchange your device for free – or simply give you a full refund – in the case of breakdown.

The refurbished iPhone 4S, still a highly functional smartphone

At Back Market, our certified pre-owned iPhone 4S devices can be picked up for less than 100 dollars. A great opportunity to pick up this beautiful and powerful smartphone – complete with retina display, an Apple A5 chip and 8-megapixel camera – at a bargain price. You’ll love the simple operating system and long battery life.

Although a little old, the refurbished iPhone 4S remains a high spec device with good performance. Suitable for those looking for simplicity at an attractive price, discover the selection on Back Market today.