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Refurbished iPhone 6

These minimalist iPhone run perfectly...just not on the latest iOs or with 100 apps at the same time.

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James E.


Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2023

Everything is always in great condition from BackMarket. Only place I would trust to be honest. Products are amazing and customer service is amazing!!!
iPhone 6 - Unlocked

Overall performance




Lens & Camera




Purchased on September 12, 2021

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Used & refurbished iPhone 6 deals

Looking for a used iPhone 6 for sale? Our iPhone 6 deals are better than your standard deals on used iPhones because all our products are refurbished by professionals and come with our special 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

The best iPhone 6 deals

What makes our deals so fire? The fact that we're transparent with the condition of each used iPhone 6 that's sold on our website. Yet another great reason why refurbished iPhones are the best kind of used iPhones.

Don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a trendy smartphone that will quickly lose its value? Choose a refurbished iPhone 6 combining quality workmanship, a minimum 12-month warranty period and unbeatable price, and you won’t have to.

A certified pre-owned iPhone 6 is the best way to get a smartphone for a low price

More responsive than previous models, the iPhone 6 also offers better photo quality than its predecessors. This makes it a perfect choice for smartphone users looking for a standalone, versatile device at a good price. A 4.7-inch screen, A8 dual-core chip clocked at 1.4 Gh and 1GB of RAM, the refurbished iPhone 6 remains an effective and powerful option. The entire system is fluid and responsive, regardless of the task, and produces excellent photos.

Which cheap iPhone 6 to buy from Back Market?

The price of a refurbished iPhone 6 is of course very interesting. Although no longer available on the Apple website, this model is still an excellent device equipped with everything users have come to expect on a smartphone. And with a Back Market warranty providing peace of mind on working condition, you can buy an iPhone 6 for less money without compromising on quality. To choose this smartphone, simply select from among the different models available on our website:

  • A 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB iPhone 6 – select the storage capacity best suited to your needs for storing music, photos and other apps and media.
  • An iPhone 6 in space gray, gold or silver. Choose the finish you like the best.
  • Then add a guarantee of 12 months as standard. This will protect you from any defects or failures for the full first year – letting you exchange the defective device, have it repaired for free or simply get a full refund.

Buy a refurbished iPhone 6 for less than 250 dollars

Whatever the finish and storage capacity, the refurbished iPhone 6 can be picked up for less than 250 dollars – a compelling proposition for those who dream of owning an Apple smartphone without breaking the bank. And unlike when purchasing a second-hand item from an individual, when you buy with Back Market you are protected against any unpleasant surprises. Each smartphone is checked over by a qualified expert and subject to dozens of performance checks to ensure it’s in good working order. Fully refurbished, it is then repacked and sent on with care.

Choosing a refurbished iPhone 6 is choosing a quality product at an interesting price. And in addition to making real savings, you’re participating in a sustainable practice. Because by giving a second life to this device, you’re helping limit the amount of electronic waste from the smartphone industry. Two more reasons to get started.

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