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Refurbished iPhone 6s 64 GB

Buy a cheap iPhone 6s 64 GB refurbished from Back Market today and you'll help save the planet from unnecessary e-waste! Your wallet and the planet will thank you :)
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Cherryl M.


Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2023

For shoppers: I bought my iPhone 6S from BuySaveRepeat in Nov. 2020 and it's been hassel-free from day one. Wonderful. No issues, no problems. But now, no memory. So I'm back. For BackMarket: Here's the thing for us research-vendors-before-you-buy-their-refurbished-stuff folks: I compare loads of customer reviews to help lessen the chance I live someone else's shopping nightmare. And without a vendor search tool this takes waaaaaaay, way too long. I can do a hard-target search for exactly what I want but I can't find any specific vendor in the same direct and reliable way. Suggestion to BackMarket--- You have smart consumers living in a t