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Refurbished MSI Prestige

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Lilith P.


Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2023

There's no damage or ware, definitely in excellent cosmetic condition. But software wise.... I'm not sure. First off. I'm switching from a nitro 5 of the same screen size. And this computer is newer with a better gpu and more memory and a slightly better processor... but it's STILL so much slower some how! Just opening Firefox or swirling the pointer around the screen, there are huge delays and processing skips. And that should not be happening... As well as, this laptop is 100 percent smaller than the nitro of the same "supposed" size.... I honestly believe they sold me the 15 inch katana and said it was the 17 inch... I literally need to go to Walmart to get a ruler, but I will be checking and sending it back if it is. As well as, if I can't get the processing glitches to stop I'll be sending it back.
MSI Katana GF76 11UD-001 17-inch - Core i7-11800H - 16GB 512GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti QWERTY - English

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Purchased on September 17, 2023