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Refurbished Refrigerator

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Refurbished fridges: equip your kitchen for less thanks to Back Market!

Of all household appliances, the fridge is among the most essential and most expensive. If you want a great fridge for less, consider buying a refurbished fridge.

Refurbished fridges: models to suit all tastes

If you thought that buying a refurbished fridge would limit your options, you’d be wrong. The Back Market catalog sells models from all the leading brands, including Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Siemens and Beko. So it’s really only a case of choosing the model that suits your space and tastes. There are compact options with less then a meter of food storage space, or huge double-door fridges for those with many mouths to feed – plus options with or without freezers as well as standalone freezers in a range of finishes including white and stainless steel. You’ll be spoiled for choice! You can also choose your certified pre-owned fridge according to its energy class, as well as the method it uses to keep food cool – including static and frost-free models.

Buy a fridge from Back Market for safety guarantees

The price of a refurbished fridge depends on its size and cooling method as well as its physical condition – refurbished products can sometimes have small cosmetic anomalies. When you buy from Back Market, we always tell you upfront what these are, as well as provide assurance your product has been thoroughly performance-tested before resale. And as a bonus, we guarantee every device for a minimum of 12 months and even let you pay for it in installments to make our cheap fridges even cheaper!

With models of all sizes, colours and brands available, buying a refurbished fridge from Back Market lets you buy this classic household appliance for a great price and with complete peace of mind.