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Are you organizing a Secret Santa this year?

The idea of a Secret Santa is really rather a nice one. Each person draws the name of one person within a group of participants that they must buy a gift for, without telling anyone else who they got until the day of distribution. It’s a great way to add some fun and mystery into the holidays, particularly popular among office workers. But for it to be successful, you have to find the perfect gift.

What is Secret Santa?

This fun little game originated in England and Ireland, and is a great way to break the ice between colleagues and friends, and inject some more fun into the holiday season. Secret Santa is called different things in different nations, but the organization remains the same. Everyone gets together to draw a name from a hat (or similar) but keeps the names secret. So you know who to buy a gift for, but you don’t know who is buying one for you.

The rules are as follows:

  • First, establish a budget for the gifts between your group. It’s normally quite low so everyone can participate.
  • Then draw your name from the hat, and no switching! Even if you don’t know much about the person, you can still find them a nice gift.
  • You must keep the surprise and use your imagination.

What are some good Secret Santa gift ideas?

Finding a good gift does not necessarily mean breaking the budget. With some hints and creative suggestions, you can easily find something to surprise your friend or colleague. Browse the list below of some of our refurbished items that make great Christmas presents.

For less than 50 dollars, you can buy:

  • A refurbished tablet
  • A refurbished smartphone;
  • Refurbished earphones and headphones
  • A refurbished video game console
  • A refurbished mini camera
  • A refurbished compact camera
  • A refurbished virtual reality headset
  • A refurbished Bluetooth speaker or refurbished alarm clock
  • And even small beauty and kitchen appliances

There’s so much to choose from on Back Market’s site. You’ll get to stick within your budget, while getting your loved ones the treats they deserve and saving the planet from unecessary waste. By choosing a refurbished gift, you’re helping avoid early recycling to a device in perfect working order. And you’ll still get a warranty of at least 12 months so you’re protected against future defects – we’ll repair, exchange or refund your device at no extra cost.

Organizing a Secret Santa is a great way to spice up the holiday season and enjoy a cosy evening with friends or colleagues. All you have to do is pick a name and get creative in your new role as Santa Claus!