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Refurbished Sewing machine

Refurbished sewing machines

Serious discounts on all refurbished sewing machine models from Back Market

To create new clothes from scratch as well as make your own alterations and adjustments, a refurbished sewing machine from Back Market is the perfect cost-effective device for your needs.

How to choose your certified pre-owned sewing machine

Want to buy a sewing machine, but not sure which one to choose? Here are some key points to take into account when selecting a cheap sewing machine to ensure it meets your requirements:

  • Your level: a beginner doesn’t need a refurbished sewing machine with as many features as an experienced designer.
  • Frequency of use: sewing a hem from time to time versus using your cheap refurbished sewing machine every day makes a big difference to the machine you need.
  • The importance of work to be done: to redo your entire wardrobe you’ll need a refurbished sewing machine with many different stitches and the ability to work with a variety of fabrics.

Get a great deal on all refurbished sewing machine models

Unlike a second-hand sewing machine, a refurbished model lets you enjoy a cheap price with total confidence. Before being listed on our site, every cheap refurbished sewing machine we sell is rigorously tested to make sure it works perfectly. Plus, you’ll get a warranty of at least 12 months on your refurbished sewing machine.

Beginners and experienced designers alike can find a refurbished sewing machine to match their expectations.