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  • N

    Nancy L.

    Purchased on December 14, 2023


    Love it! To be honest my last "new" computer was and Alienware. The oversized footprint and the muck with the pretty lights annoyed me a LOT. And guess what, this has a good sized monitor and my Dragons fly way better than ever in World of Warcraft. Thanks!

    Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2023

    Dell Inspiron 5420 AiO 23" - Core i3-1315U - RAM 8 GB - SSD 256 GB
  • D

    David J.

    Purchased on April 11, 2024


    Refurbished but the quality is as if it's a new product. No issues whatsoever.

    Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2024

    Dell G16 7620 16-inch - Core i7-12700H - 48GB 2000GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti QWERTY - English
  • T

    Ted j. B.

    Purchased on February 22, 2024


    I ordered the R13 with the i9 processor & the clear side panel - they sent me an R15 with the wrong processor & the wrist part about it was that the model they sent me didn't even work; it kept freezing or blue screen resetting - after all this hassle to return the incorrect item, they offered me a 5% discount for my trouble; the issue is that I would never buy from the again as I cannot trust the people doing the refurbishing & it's the same company (Store Wolf LLC) for all of their Dell products: now, they won't allow me to delete my account because of that 5% off coupon they gave me

    Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2024

    Dell Alienware Aurora R13 Core i9-12900F 2.4 GHz - SSD 512 GB + HDD 1 TB - 16GB
  • D

    Dana K.

    Purchased on September 2, 2022


    Great quality

    Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2024

    Dell Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz - SSD 512 GB - 16GB
  • G

    Gary T.

    Purchased on April 18, 2024


    I’m very satisfied with my purchase, I’ve had no issues at all.

    Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2024

    Dell Latitude 7420 14-inch (2021) - Core i7-1165G7 - 16 GB - SSD 1000 GB
  • M

    Maria B.

    Purchased on January 14, 2024


    Looks brand new. Connection no problem. Exce choice for me.

    Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2024

    Dell Latitude 7320 13-inch (2021) - Core i5-1145G7 - 16 GB - SSD 256 GB
  • A

    Anne T.

    Purchased on January 3, 2024


    All good

    Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2024

    Dell Inspiron 5620 16-inch (2022) - Core i7-1255U - 64 GB - SSD 1000 GB
  • B

    Beniamin M.

    Purchased on January 20, 2024


    I bought a laptop for $2000. 1. it does not have a backlit keyboard 2. it does not have CAMM memory (this is why I bought this laptop). 3. he doesn't have a fingerprint. 4. The case has many damages, is disassembled and not properly assembled. 5. The display frame is not closed on all sides. 6. And many other problems. I had to give it to a specialist so that it could be used somehow. Thank you for such a bad product for $2000. Points 1 and 3 are of course optional, but in my opinion for $2000 they should have been present, or at least write a full description on the product page. The 2nd point is stated officially, this laptop has some kind of adapter and the usual sodimm are installed. 4,5,6 - points indicate poor competence of the seller and service that restores the equipment. In short, I'm very disappointed. I will not buy anything else from this site.

    Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2024

    Dell Precision 7670 16-inch (2022) - Core i7-12850HX - 64 GB - SSD 1000 GB
  • R

    Rebekah B.

    Purchased on February 29, 2024


    Disappointed with my purchase, first off the lap top is not silver as pictured it is all black. Then the actual issues: Overheated at second use and the screen goes glitchy and pixilated when I pick it up. The touch pad also seems not to be picking up very well. Definitely not the “excellent “ quality I had selected and hoped for.

    Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2024

    Dell Latitude 7320 13-inch (2021) - Core i7-1185G7 - 32 GB - SSD 1000 GB