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There are many great reasons to buy refurbished Acer products from Back Market

Buying your refurbished Acer device from Back Market has many advantages, and it’s not all about the price. This eco-friendly approach is gathering in popularity, and we’ve rounded up some of the great reasons to buy from us below.

Why buy a refurbished Acer product from Back Market?

It’s no surprise that the number one reason people consider buying refurbished products is the reduced price. And the selection of refurbished Acer devices on Back Market’s site are no exception. Offered with highly attractive discounts, our certified pre-owned Acer devices can be reduced by 50% or more, letting you upgrade your equipment for less. Whether you choose a cheap Acer computer, tablet, projector or other device from the brand, you can enjoy a device that’s in perfect working order at a great price. Cosmetic traces of wear and tear are sometimes visible, and where they are present this information will be noted on each device’s listing. Or you can choose one of the models without any scratches, which are basically identical to the new devices you’ll find in the store.

Take advantage of warranties on a cheap refurbished Acer product

Another great reason to buy your Acer device from Back Market is the 12-month minimum warranty you’ll get as standard. Just like when you buy a brand new device, you can get a repair, refund or replacement product at any time during the warranty period – so you can be sure you’ll get to enjoy your new device for a long time to come. And unlike used Acer devices you might look at buying from an individual, Back Market devices are thoroughly tested against dozens of performance points in specialized laboratories to ensure you get a device that’s as good as new.

Take care of the planet with a refurbished product

A third great reason to buy a refurbished Acer product is the ecological saving you’re making. By giving these devices a second lease on life, you’re diverting electronic waste from going to landfill while also getting a great deal. Some of these devices have only been used for a few days or weeks, and it’s only right that they get a second chance.

With a compelling price point, refurbished Acer products sold by Back Market only get more attractive as you look into the detail. They save you money, are tested to be safe and secure, and help protect the planet. Three great reasons to get one for yourself today.