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Compact Canon Powershot G10 - Black

Compact Canon Powershot G10 - Black

51% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Good
14 oz of e-waste saved
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That's according to Julien C. Really really good quality, fast delivery 6/15/21

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Renew your equipment with the large refurbished Canon selection from Back Market

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the refurbished Canon devices on offer from Back Market let you renew your equipment for a much lower cost. There are lenses as well as boxes and flashes, to cover a wide range of needs. Discover more about these great deals below.

Why buy Canon equipment from Back Market?

As close to brand new devices as you can get, refurbished Canon lenses and cases from Back Market are both cheap and environmentally-friendly. They are much cheaper than new devices, with discounts as high as 60% off the in-store price, depending on the model. But more than this, they are just as good as new devices thanks to the rigorous testing they receive when they pass through our specialized laboratories. This process ensures they are perfectly functional, they just might have picked up a few light signs of wear and tear along the way. A far cry from traditional used Canon devices you might find elsewhere, Back Market products come with performance guarantees that protect you against future defects. If you experience any issue with your certified pre-owned Canon lens or case during the 12-month minimum warranty period, you can get an exchange, repair or full refund at no extra cost.

You’ll also be doing your bit for the planet as well, by preventing the premature recycling of these devices that are in perfect working order. By giving them a second life, you’re preventing this electronic waste going straight to landfill. So you can get a great deal on your refurbished Canon equipment, and feel good about it too!

How to order your cheap Canon equipment

Buying your refurbished Canon equipment from Back Market is easy:

  • First, refine your selection according to your budget. To do this, simply indicate the maximum price you’re willing to pay for your refurbished Canon product.
  • Then choose the type of device you’re looking for. It can be simply a case, particular lens or flash as well as a complete camera.
  • Next you must choose the condition of your refurbished Canon product, relevant to signs of wear and tear. You can select ‘like new’, ‘very good condition’, ‘good condition’, etc.
  • If applicable, select a color to refine your selection further.
  • Then finally, complete your purchase by picking a warranty period. You can choose between 12 and 60 months, depending on the selected device, to protect against future malfunctions.

It’s now possible for amateur and professional photographers alike to enjoy the best of Canon, thanks to Back Market. Choose the refurbished Canon product that’s right for you form our wide selection, and you’ll get a significant discount off the in-store price.