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Dell Precision M6800 17-inch (2011) - Core i7-4810MQ - 32 GB - SSD 500 GB

58% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Good
64 oz of e-waste saved

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18 products

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64 ounces.

In buying a Used & Refurbished Dell Precision, you're helping prevent 64 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 914 Pringles. Yum-o.

Refurbished Dell Precision devices

Buy a refurbished Dell Precision PC and get a great deal with Back Market

Is your computer showing signs it’s at the end of its life and it’s time for an upgrade? Don’t worry, you can replace it cost effectively thanks to the range of high-quality, reliable and cheap Dell Precision devices available on Back Market. Check out our selection today.

A refurbished Dell Precision PC: Dell expertise for the best price

Given the choice, would you choose to buy a Dell Precision product? Check out the range available on to find the Dell Precision product that’s right for you. Prefer a laptop? Choose the refurbished Dell Precision M4800 model, currently selling for 66% less than the in-store price. Inside these impressive machines is an Intel Core i7 chip, 32GB of RAM, 500GB of memory and an NVIDIA Quadro K2100M to ensure optimal operation. Or if you prefer a desktop version, why not consider a refurbished Dell Precision T3500? Ideal for offices, these desktop machines offer 256GB of SSD, 256GB of storage, 24GB of RAM and the Windows 10 operating system – all for around 69% less than the recommended retail price.

Certified pre-owned Dell Precision devices: buy with confidence thanks to the Back Market guarantee

Are you wondering what makes Back Market devices different to other second-hand devices? We test and certify all of our devices, and back them up with a minimum 12-month warranty. Even better, our refurbished Dell Precision desktop towers are protected for 36 months. And if you experience any problems with your devices down the track, we’ll arrange a repair or replacement device at no extra cost – or give you a full refund. This means you can buy a cheap Dell Precision product from Back Market with complete confidence.