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Should I buy a used or refurbished drone? What are the risks?

I know what you’re thinking. I don’t want a drone that somebody has been flying like Maverick from Top Gun (although that was a really good movie). You want a drone that’s fresh and in good shape. Well I have good news for you: all our refurbished drones are tested and checked for any quality issues, so even though they’re used, we’ve made sure nobody had any serious boo-boos with them. We make sure they still fly true and keep a charge just like they did when they were new :D “Used” doesn’t need to mean “abused.”

Will I be happy with my used drone?

New drones are expensive, and even our refurbished versions aren’t that cheap. But let’s be honest: the prices of new drones are ridiculous; you can buy a used car for less money, which is crazy. With Back Market, at least you’re paying a reasonable price for a drone, and you can rest assured that it’ll work just like a new model. We’re so sure you’ll be satisfied with your used drone, that we give you a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. And don’t forget we give a 6% discount to all students! Just look for the student discount link on the bottom of the page!

So whether you’re a flight junkie, wannabe pilot, or photo/video enthusiast, you should go ahead and grab one of these drones :D