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iPhone 5c 16GB White - Unlocked

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The iPhone 5c was a long awaited device. Everyone was eager to find out what the letter C meant. Whether it stood for Cheap, C for Colors or C for China. Apple company created this version a more colorful and less expensive model, subsidized by telephone operators from half the world and oriented towards emerging markets.
Without a doubt, the most surprising thing about the device is its price. Contrary to expectations, Apple surprised the market by bringing the iPhone 5c for sale from 99 dollars with 2 years of contract in the 16 GB version. The iPhone C is a lot like the iPhone 5 but with a plastic cover, what that allows manufacturing costs to be greatly reduced, although it does not reflect the result. The iPhone 5c colors will amaze you.
The iPhone 5c screen maintains the 4-inch, A6 processor and 8-megapixel camera of the iPhone 5. It also inherited the Retina display from previous models, and a screen with a relative resolution of 326 dpi that, as Apple has repeatedly insisted, is best for the human eye. As with iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C has more vertical space that allows adding a fifth row of icons on the home screen. Its battery life is longer than iPhone 5, allowing to enjoy up to 10 hours of video.
The iPhone 5C changed its manufacture in aluminum and glass for a plastic case and a wide variety of colors available. Its design is based on a hardened polycarbonate piece and reinforced steel frame that holds the internal components and acts as a multi-band antenna for the phone. The casing is a continuous, smooth structure, finished with a hardened layer to make the surface shiny and durable. You can make different choices regarding the color: you can choose an iPhone 5c blue, an iPhone 5c pinkiPhone 5c white, yellow or green. Plus, you can buy colorful cases available in blue, green, pink, yellow, black and white. And even though it is made of plastic, the device is very rigid and gives a feeling of ceramic.
The iSigth camera on the iPhone 5C is still 8 megapixels. With the advent of iOS 7, the iPhone 5C renewed the camera application and offered a series of filters applicable in real time. Plus a quick option to switch between video, photo, square or panoramic modes by simply sliding your finger. Apple remains true to its belief of betting on a simple camera interface.
We could call the iPhone 5c an iPhone 5 with a new case. It has an Apple A6 dual core processor at 1.3 GHz, the same as the iPhone 5, accompanied by 1GB of RAM memory. It is neatly made, works great. and at a lower price (it should not surprise you to hear the words cheap iPhone 5c. Whoever decides to purchase this device coming from an older version will be happily surprised.