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Refurbished iPhone SE

Refurbished iPhone SE

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone SE :

Jason C. - 11/03/19


About "My order" info ... it is not clearly reflecting some important details of my order: I specifically want only Sprint iPhone SE, Model A1723 (of course, with 128GB storage) and did so (by choosing "Sprint") when I submitted my order, The title line only showed "iPhone SE 128GB Space Gray - Unlocked". However, my order URL ( did include and show "Manufacturer Ref. : A1723 . So I still hopefully that only the A1723 will be correctly shipped for me. Thanks for your attention. -Jason

Sherie G. - 09/03/19


Great customer service in the buying process. The phone arrived in 4 business days. I purchased a “shiny” grade and upon arrival it looked in excellent condition no dents or noticeable scratches around the outside or on the screen. It worked with my Sprint carrier as stated just needed to get a SIM card. It is day 3 with the activated phone and so far so good. Also the battery charges to 100% and seems to be working well also. I recommend back market and the refurbished company they use that I receive the phone from. The only reason they did not get the highest rating is because I haven’t had the phone long enough to know if it will need fixing, or haven’t experience their customer service due to fixing the phone, should I have issues with the phone during my 6 month warranty.

Judith C. - 04/03/19


Works well. It needed a SIM card, but my husband’s old iPhone SIM card fit perfectly. We bought a folio cover for it, so he’s a happy camper. Quick delivery also.

Cora B. - 02/03/19


Easiest phone purchase ever! No upselling and run-around, just a good quality phone at a reasonable price.

R Lynn G. - 23/02/19


Getting the phone was very good, but no directions on how to use it

Agathe D. - 19/02/19


All is ok! Thanks...

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The iPhone SE for sale comes in space-grey, silver, gold and rose-gold colors (for the first time on a 4-inch iPhone). Black and gold aluminum tones are a little different from those of the 5S, which were darker and less defined, but identical to those of the iPhone 6S. The iPhone 5 SE has the same 64-bit A9 processor as the iPhone 6S, which according to the company is twice as fast as the iPhone 5S A7, and has 2GB of RAM. It is a luxury to have a chip of this power in such a compact body. The SE also has the M9 motion processor, which is built into the A9 and allows the 'Hey, Siri' be used to call the Virtual Assistant when the device is turned off. The iPhone ES Retina screen is 1,136x640 pixels with 326ppp, it has the same resolution as the iPhone 5S screen. The cell phone comes with iOS 9.3 which includes the Night Shift function to adjust the tone of the screen to the time of day, adding warmer colors. The biggest difference between the SE and other available Apple phones is the size of the screen, and that's where genres will break down into tastes. The lithium-ion battery performance, lasts up to 14 hours of 3G calls and 13 hours of Internet usage via LTE or Wi-Fi. Also, the company says it lasts 13 hours of continuous video playback. The phone has a Wi-Fi 802.11ac connection up to 433Mbps, which is twice as fast as the 5S, according to Apple. It works with up to 19 different LTE bands, and 4G speeds are up to 50 percent faster than iPhone 5S, the company says. The phone supports VoLTE and Wi-Fi calls, plus Bluetooth 4.2. A cheap iPhone SE is possible. In March 2017 Apple upgraded the iPhone SE, doubling its memory space: the base model now has 32GB (instead of 16GB) and the 64GB model moves to 128GB. The price is maintained from US$399 for the entry version. However, the value might change depending on the version, the refurbished iPhone SE for sale is a great option, offering the same features for a lower price with Apple's guarantee. A used iPhone SE could also be a viable option if chosen from the right sources.