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Our very best Refurbished iPod:


iPod Touch 5 32GB – Blue

-33% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Fair
3 oz of e-waste saved

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222 products
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The ipod was first released on October 2001. Almost 19 years have passed since the first model was presented through an upbeat commercial that illustrated how the way we interact with music was going to change completely. Since the pioneer model that featured the wheel-based user interface, ipods have gone through such an evolution that the term “drastic” just doesn’t quite cut it. The ipod family grew in members with releases such as the ipod nano, ipod shuffle and the latest ipod touch 6, all coexisting because of user’s personal preferences. Since July, 2017 the only model that remains in production is theipod touch, which of course better adapts to the way we currently interact with electronic devices because of its storage capacity, touch technology and many other features. But we know for a fact that the ipod nano and ipod shuffle models created a potent emotional connection with users who still,