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Back Market has knockdown prices on refurbished iPods!

Released in 2001, the iPod revolutionized the way we listen to music. If you’ve always wanted one and need to be able to store your favorite music somewhere, treat yourself to one today with these amazing deals from Back Market.

A cheap iPod for everyone

After 20 years of existence, the iPod has come in many different forms – Classic, Mini, Nano, Shuffle and Touch. This range of choice means you can find the perfect device for your needs, with regard to storage capacity and color in particular. Ranging from 1GB of storage for only your essential tracks, up to 256GB of storage for holding many hours of music and video, this is the feature that will affect the price of your refurbished iPod the most. Constantly evolving, the look of these cheap iPods has also changed throughout the years. From the small, pop-colored square to the refurbished iPod that looks like an iPhone, there’s something to suit all music lovers!

A refurbished iPod from Back Market combines performance with safety

If you buy an iPod that’s been refurbished by Back Market, you’ll see there are many benefits to this approach. First, you get to choose your certified pre-owned iPod from a wide range of models – from vintage models to the most recent releases. Second, depending on the model you choose, you can save as much as 70% off the in-store price. Third, unlike when you buy a second-hand iPod, you get peace of mind knowing your refurbished iPod will work perfectly as a result of the rigorous testing conducted by Back Market. And finally, you’ll get a 12-month minimum warranty regardless of which cheap iPod model you choose.

Thanks to Back Market and our low prices on refurbished iPods, you can listen to your music wherever you want.