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Refurbished iPod Nano

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Dawn S. Bought: iPod Nano 7 16GB - Purple 3 months ago
In perfect condition and working like new!

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Refurbished iPod Nano devices

Refurbished iPod Nano products: great deals on Apple's legendary player

Lightweight, discreet and capable of carrying your entire discography, a refurbished iPod Nano from Back Market helps you rediscover the pleasure of listening to your music on the go.

Why buy a refurbished iPod Nano?

Despite its small size and relative old-age, the price of an iPod Nano can easily sit around the $200 mark. If you want to buy this highly practical digital music player as cheaply as possible, you might consider a second-hand iPod Nano. However, this can be risky as there’s no way to ensure the device will work properly, unlike when you buy a certified pre-owned iPod Nano from Back Market. All our products are thoroughly checked over by experts for assurance the product will work as it should, and to ensure you get to enjoy your refurbished iPod Nano for a long time to come we’ll even include a 12-month minimum warranty.

Get a timeless iPod Nano for less

Released in 2005, the iPod Nano is practically a dinosaur in the technology space. However, Apple's digital music player continues to appeal to many thanks to its compact size and attractive design. Grab yourself a cheap iPod Nano from Back Market to travel everywhere with your favorite songs. We have a wide range of models to choose from, including classic black and white versions as well as bright pink and sparkling yellow models. Depending on your needs and budget, you can buy an iPod Nano with a storage capacity that ranges from 1GB to 16GB.

Small, practical and inexpensive, the refurbished iPod Nano really has it all!