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LG G4 32GB - Grey Sprint

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89% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Fair
5470 oz of e-waste saved
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3 products

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The LG G4 is hugely popular among consumers for its many technological features and impressive performance. To avoid paying a high price for this smartphone, head to Back Market’s website – where you can buy a refurbished LG G4 that’s in perfect working order. Save money on a secure device from a trusted retailer at Back Market.

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A certified pre-owned LG G4 is one of the most popular devices on Back Market’s website. This high-end high-tech smartphone combines excellent grip with impressive responsiveness, screen resolution and high-quality photos. Back Market lets you take advantage of all these features without loading up your credit card. You can buy a cheap LG G4 that’s been discounted by as much as 65% off the in-store price. To guarantee you get a device that’s in excellent condition, Back Market specialists test all products in specialized laboratories so they function just like brand new devices.

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In addition to the unbeatable prices of Back Market products, we also deliver them to you with a minimum guarantee of 12 months. This gives you an extra layer of security with your refurbished LG G4, so much more than you would get with a second-hand LG G4, so you can buy a LG G4 with complete peace of mind.

Much more than a second-hand LG G4, a certified pre-owned LG G4 from the Back Market site reflects our commitment to offer unbeatable value on top-quality equipment.