Protective screen - Nano liquid - Transparent

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  • Protective screen - Nano liquid - Transparent
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Refurbisher comments: Simple Snap covers all-devices up to 15" Wipe on Application allows for easy 3 step installation SiO2 Liquid Nano creates 9H Hardness Universal Case Compatibility Anti-Scratch & Anti-Bacterial

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Protective screen - Nano liquid - Transparent

Why this Screen Protector is awesome:

✅ Protect up to 3 Devices
Innovative wipe-on coating for up to 3 of your devices. It’s a family pack!

✅ 100% Eco-friendly & Sustainable
Save the planet! Our packaging is made with sustainable materials. The wipe-on clothes are biodegradable and the packaging is fully recyclable.

✅ 100% Universal
Liquid glass is made from an SiO2 Nano solution and can be used on any screen including phones, tablets, laptops, appliances and more. Buy one, share one!

✅ Anti-Bacterial
Our liquid is SGS tested and can repel yucky bacteria & germ build up on your device.

✅ Advanced Nano Technology
Glass protectors are old news. Nano liquid strengthens your screen at a molecular level, creating an invisible 9H hardness barrier which prevents scratching, fingerprints & everyday use.

✅ Easy to Install
Get protected in as little as 90 seconds. The install process is a snap!

Protective screen - Nano liquid - Transparent

  • Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : SS0102
  • Model : Wipe-On
  • Body Material : Nano liquid
  • Color : Transparent
  • Protection Type : Protective screen
  • Brand : Simple Snap
  • Weight : 2 oz

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