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What are the Cheapest iPhones?

I guess it’s obvious that used iPhones are generally cheaper than new iPhones. But do they last as long and work as well? That’s a hard question to answer.

Not All Cheap iPhones are Equal

If you want to look at cheap iPhones that have quality, certified refurbished is the way to go. All of Back Market’s products have been checked at a factory for all kinds of internal and external problems. Our used iPhones have been used, but not abused :D

What Cheap iPhones can I Get for Under $200?

The iPhone 8 is currently the newest iPhone that you can buy on Back Market for under $200. And obviously every iPhone before that (i.e. the iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, etc.) will be even cheaper. Enjoy the cheap iPhone deals!

How Can I Get an iPhone for Free?

Hmmm, this is a tricky question, We don’t sell free iPhones, but if you compare some of our prices to what Apple charges, I guess you can say they’re kinda free. Does that work?

Are Refurbished iPhones Worth it?

It depends what refurbisher you buy from! We only feature quality merchants on our website that we know are legitimate (trust me, we check them thoroughly!) but I would be wary of larger generic ecommerce platforms that aren’t able to take the time to check all their refurbishers with a magnifying glass :)

What is the Best Budget iPhone?

This answer can obviously differ for every person depending on their taste, but as of right now, the iPhone 8 provides some of the best bang for your buck (if you’re into the classic iPhone design) and the iPhone XR is a great choice if you want a cheap iPhone that has a notched display.

iPhone XR: The best budget iPhone that has a notch :D

What is the Cheapest iPhone to Buy?

Well, at this point, probably the original iPhone from 2007, but I wouldn’t suggest buying that. I would suggest buying an iPhone newer than the 5S.

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