Best iPhone Black Friday Deals

How much is the iPhone 11 on Black Friday? Hint: cheaper than you think

Updated Oct 17, 2022 - Black Friday iPhone 11 deals that don't end on Black Friday.

Black Friday iPhone deals that last all year

It's easy to get excited about the latest iPhone… until you see the price tag. That's why we're on a mission to make iPhones (and lots of other tech) accessible to everyone, all year long. If you're looking for the best iPhone deal on Black Friday, shopping for a refurbished device is the way to go. Not only will you save more money (up to 70%) than buying new, you can relax knowing these deals aren't going anywhere.

Not quite ready to pull the trigger on a Black Friday or Cyber Monday iPhone discount? No worries. At Back Market, we have cheap iPhone deals year round, so feel free to skip the hectic holiday sales and shop when you're ready. 😄

Black Friday prices on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

With every new iPhone release, prices drop on earlier iPhone models. This means the iPhone 11 series is now cheaper than ever. The 11 and 11 Pro are both very impressive smartphones in terms of processing speed, battery life, and camera performance. They outperform their Android counterparts in these three areas, and offer some improvements over the previous iPhones that came before them.

When the iPhone 11 Pro was released, it had an eye-popping starting price of $1,000 (yikes) but now you can usually find one for around $400 on Back Market. If you prefer the standard iPhone 11, you can find a lot of deals for under $300.

When Black Friday hits in late November, you'll see plenty of iPhone deals from major retailers—but they won't offer such steep discounts. The best part about iPhone deals at Back Market is that every expertly refurbished device comes with a minimum 12-month warranty, similar to what you'd get when buying a new phone.

Choosing between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 this Black Friday

The base model of the iPhone 12 is smaller than the iPhone 11.  And despite being a year newer, the iPhone 12 has a smaller battery and guzzles through that battery at a much faster rate because of its 5G antennas. Expect to get 3 more hours of usage time out of the iPhone 11 when compared to the iPhone 12 (!). It isn’t often that a newly released iPhone performs worse in any way when compared to an older model, but it’s 2020 and many of us have learned to expect the unexpected.

If you want the most powerful iPhone possible with excellent battery life, we suggest buying the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max this Black Friday.

Plus, you just can't deny the massive price difference between the iPhone 12 and 11. The 11 now usually starts at under $500, with the iPhone 12 coming in at around $699. The 11 has better battery life and it's a great value considering all of the features. We should mention that you can usually find the 11 on our site right now for under $400 🙂 But make sure to compare all the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 specs to ensure you’re making the best decision for you.

iPhone X Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The iPhone X first hit the market with a starting price of $999. At the time, Apple managed to shock people with that price (though it's become expected now). 

Today, you can find iPhone X Black Friday deals at Back Market starting around $200. This phone was only released a few years ago, and you can already save around 60% off new with a professionally refurbished device. 

At Back Market, we're about more than just offering you low prices on a cheap iPhone X. Every renewed device is professionally repaired and tested, plus your purchase comes with a 12-month warranty and 30 days to change your mind.

Black Friday iPhone XS deals

The iPhone XS is nearly identical to the X in every way, and this model will cost you under $300 at Back Market. Once again, it’s unbelievable to find a price that's up to 50% less compared to a new iPhone that’s only a few years old, and still comes with the warranties and guarantees that you'd expect from a new device. 

Even if you missed Black Friday, don't worry. We'll have the best Apple iPhone XS deals all year long.