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Excellent battery life at a price that doesn't seem real

Unlocked iPhone XR Black Friday
Are these deals for real?

Wow, am I seeing things? I’ve found Black Friday iPhone XR deals for around $300, but how is that even possible? XRs are selling for around $340 these days. We know that you don't want to put that much cash into a phone. High-quality electronics can be expensive, and you've got better things to spend your money on. So, where did we find such low prices? On Back Market, obviously!

How are we making these XR deals so fresh?

It’s because these XRs are refurbished. Here's how it works. We take used iPhones and give them to professionals to inspect not just physically but also with fancy scanner tools (kinda how your mechanic checks your car). Many times we’ll discover — thanks to the scan — that the battery needs to be replaced. So we replace the battery. And just like that, the device works like new. 

Many people complain that their old phones don't work as well as they once did. The battery is the culprit in most of these cases. If your old device is starting to give you issues with speed, check the battery first. The truth is, an iPhone battery lasts for about 4 years. And, it works like new for just 2! We love Apple products, but the battery life isn't great. That's why we're passionate about refurbishing these phones so you can get even more use out of them. It's also much more environmentally friendly than buying a brand new device.

What makes the XR so special?

If you're looking for an iPhone that has all of the features you're after at a super low price tag, the XR is your best bet! It has excellent battery life (especially after the battery has been replaced by our experts) and the latest software. Plus, now that the iPhone 11 Black Friday is on the scene, XR prices have dropped even lower. 

The XR comes in an array of colors, a throwback to the Apple devices of yesteryear. Do you remember all of the different colors of the 5C? The XR is one of Apple's best-selling products thanks to its affordability and full-screen design. The SE is the Apple's most affordable option, but it does lack certain features. Get those features back with the XR. 

You can usually find an XR on our site for under $300, which means you don't have to wait until the Black Friday deals to get it. 

What makes the XR such an awesome deal?

Since the XR comes with the A12 Bionic chip from 2018, it's still a great performer. And even though you can also get a great deal on a used model, remember that Apple batteries typically last about 2 years before considerably losing longevity. If you buy a used XR that isn’t refurbished it may still come with an old battery, and that renders it useless. 😔

The XR is one of the best Apple deals on the market. While the iPhone 12 series is newer and features options like the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max, it's quite an investment. You CAN get some good deals on it on our site (you'll usually find the Pro Max for under $900!), but we know that not everyone can afford to put that much money towards a phone. 

A refurbished phone lands in the sweet spot for buying an XR this Black Friday. “New” is overpriced. “Used” isn’t trustworthy enough. But “refurbished” is just the right middle ground, giving you a deal that doesn’t sacrifice quality or affordability.

More Black Friday Apple deals to consider

The XR is our favorite Apple phone deal, but what about all of the other Apple devices out there? Maybe you're more interested in an Apple Watch, an Apple TV 4K, an Apple pencil, or AirPods. No worries, we've gotchu. You'll find amazing deals on all of these products and more — over on Back Market.

We've been talking about Black Friday deals, but to be honest, we don't believe that you need to wait until Black Friday to start hunting for the best deals around. Below we'll tell you why!

Don't wait until the Black Friday deals to start shopping

If you want to pick up an XR as a gift for the fast-approaching holiday season, it's best not to wait. Shipping delays are already running rampant and we expect them to get even worse as we get closer and closer to the end of the year. 

You may be tempted to hold off until the Black Friday deals to pick up your Apple device. We're here to tell you that you don't have to wait until the Black Friday sales to get a good price on the XR! Our refurbished options are the best on the market (thanks to the help of our in-house experts) and make great gifts. 

If you need to buy for someone special in your life, who just happens to care about the environment, a refurbished XR is the way to go. 

You don't need to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Since we're trying to do our part in protecting the planet, we're not going to encourage you to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These two shopping holidays are the culprit behind many unnecessary purchases and overconsumption. Don't be tempted by early sales on new releases like AirPods, an Apple Watch, a MacBook, or even an Apple MacBook Air. You can find all of these products at insanely low prices on our website no matter what day it is. We have the best deals when you need them and we don't care about saving them for a once-a-year sale!

But if you do choose to shop on either of these days, please don't hesitate to check out our listings for Black Friday electronics and Cyber Monday tech. But just keep in mind: Our sellers are doing their best to give you great deals every day of the year, so there really is no rush 🙂

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