How to Get Beats for Under $150 for Black Friday

The best way to get Beats for less than $150

Black Friday Best Beats Headphones Deals
Black Friday Beats Deals, Even When it isn't Black Friday :)

It’s hard to save money when buying a new pair of Beats, there’s hardly ever an offer where you’re saving enough to actually feel like you’re getting a good deal—unless you look at the used and refurbished market.

If you look at our best deals on Beats headphones, you’ll be able to find a lot of models under $150, even if it isn’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Are Beats Headphones Worth the Money?

Yes, but only if you’re able to find them for under $200. Refurbished Beats cost a lot less than new Beats, while sounding and looking just as great. You can find Beats for 50% off their original price on the refurbished market.

Do Beats Headphones Have Good Sound Quality?

Beats may not sound as crisp as competing models of headphones from manufacturers like Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser, but they do come with a lot of bass. Are they a little overhyped? Yes, but the bass and styling may make them worth it. If you’re a fan of EDM or hip-hop, you’ll probably like the sound palette of Beats!

Are Beats Headphones Overhyped?

If you want a lot of bass when listening to your music and want to wear them as a fashion statement, Beats headphones may be worth it for you. But we suggest buying them refurbished because they really shouldn’t cost as much as they do.

Should I Buy the Beats Solo or Studio Headphones for Black Friday?

The Studio version of Beats is better for noise-cancelling, while the Solo model is more comfortable—in our opinion—and better for casual listening.

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