Black Friday Best Beats Headphones Deals

How to get Beats headphones at Black Friday prices, all year long

Updated Nov, 2022 - The best way to get Beats headphones for under $100 actually isn’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Whether you’re looking for Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds, Beats Studio 3 headphones, or any other model, we’ve got you covered with these deals on refurbished Beats that you can shop year-round.

Beats headphones Black Friday deals that last past November

It’s hard to save money when buying a new pair of Beats headphones. Even when Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales come around, there’s hardly ever an offer where you’re saving enough money to actually feel like you’re getting a good deal. That’s where we come in—buying a pair of used and refurbished Beats headphones is the best way to get the gear you want at the lowest possible price.

Take a look at our best Beats headphones deals, and you’ll be able to find a lot of models under $100. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday; these deals last all year. Read on for our top picks and advice on getting a great pair of Beats.

Will Beats Fit Pro go on sale for Black Friday?

We’ve already seen some deals for Beats Fit Pro from other retailers this year, and that’s a pretty good sign that you’ll see Beats Fit Pro Black Friday deals too. But it’s worth noting that the savings weren’t all that much, especially considering that these high-end wireless earbuds are fairly expensive to begin with. Recent sales on other websites offered about 20% off a pair of new Beats Fit Pro earbuds. 

If you want to score a pair of Beats Fit Pro at a lower price than you’ll find on Black Friday, shop for a refurbished pair instead. Currently, you can find Beats Fit Pro on Back Market starting around $120, saving you 40% off the price of new.

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Should I buy the Beats Solo 3 or Studio 3 headphones on Black Friday?

Deciding between the Beats Solo 3 and Beats Studio 3 might be tougher than you think. That’s because they actually have a lot in common. Both of these wireless headphone models are compatible with either iPhone or Android smartphones, both use Apple’s W1 chip, and their similar designs even make them look alike.

However, there are some differences you should consider before deciding between the Beats Solo 3 or Studio 3. Beats Solo 3s are on-ear headphones, while the Studio 3s are over-ear headphones. They’re both comfortable enough to wear for a while, but if you plan to use your headphones for very long periods of time, you may find the over-ear style of the Studio 3 to be more comfortable. 

While over-ear styles in general help to block out more noise, the Studio 3 also offers noise canceling technology that you won’t get with the Solo 3. If you prefer noise canceling headphones, the Studio 3s are a better choice for you. Just keep in mind that using the noise cancellation feature will cost you some battery life. The Studio 3s last up to 22 hours with noise canceling turned on, compared to 40 hours with noise canceling turned off. Meanwhile, you can count on the Beats Solo 3s to last about 40 hours no matter what.


If you’re looking for portability, the Solo 3s are better since they’re a more compact pair of headphones than the Studio 3s. The Solo 3 has a sleek, foldable design that makes them great for traveling or commuting. The Studio 3 does fold too, but they’re a bit chunkier and not as easy to carry on-the-go.  

Price is another difference between the Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3 headphones. The Solo 3 is a cheaper option than the Studio 3. Most casual users will be equally happy with either, but if you need active noise canceling (ANC) headphones, it’ll cost more to spring for the Studio 3s.

No matter which model you choose, you can find better-than-Black-Friday prices if you shop refurbished. At Back Market, we only work with expert refurbishers to renew, clean, repair, and test every device. Not only will you get a great deal on a pair of Beats headphones, you can rest easy knowing your purchase is backed by our 12-month warranty.