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Which Brand of Headphones Should I Buy?

Choose the right brand when buying used headphones

Choosing the Right Used & Refurbished Headphones

There are so many different headphones brands; some are super expensive, others almost seem unrealistically cheap, but which brands really offer the best sound and value? Here are some of our favorite names when it comes to refurbished headphones :D

Refurbished Bose Headphones

Ahh, this is the perfect brand to start out with. Refurbished Bose headphones will give you some crisp sound with industry-leading noise-cancellation on models like the QC35 and Bose 700, but keep in mind that the sound palette of these headphones is not for everyone. If you like a heavy bass for genres like hip-hop or electronic, you may want to look at another brand :’( BUT if you’re a fan of classical or jazz, then Bose may be the headphone brand for you. Magic sauce.

Refurbished Sony Headphones

Straight up, I need to tell you from the get-go that Sony makes some of the best headphones when it comes to value for money. Their models usually cost significantly less than those of rivals like Bose and Beats, while usually performing just as well—if not better. The Sony WH1000XM3 and WF-1000XM3 are two examples of this. You can’t go wrong with refurbished Sony headphones. In addition, they have a well-rounded sound profile that most people will really enjoy. Lows, mids, highs—it’s all there. Also, Sony is one of the leaders in the noise-cancelling game at the moment, if that’s what you’re into. Whatever it is you listen to, it’ll probably sound great on a pair of Sony earbuds or headphones.

Refurbished Sennheiser Headphones

Similar to Sony, Sennheiser headphones are usually very well-rounded and offer great sound across all frequencies. Sennheisers usually have crisp sound and good bass, and they usually come at competitive price points. Even cheaper models are known for being surprisingly good.

Refurbished Beats Headphones

Ahh yes, Beats by Dre, or at least that’s what they were called at the beginning. Developed by hip-hop producer Dr. Dre in 2006, Beats became an instant hit. And since they were developed by a hip-hop producer, you can already guess that they come with swanky styling and a heavy bass. But Beats aren’t for everyone, many find the bass to be too heavy and others aren’t impressed with the value for money—you can get an equally good pair of headphones from another brand for about half the price of a new pair of Beats. But, since the ones on Back Market are refurbished, you don’t have to worry so much about this :) Our refurbished Beats are swanky AND affordable.

Refurbished AirPods and AirPods Pro

This list wouldn’t be complete without these two entries from Apple. If you’re a big Apple user and find yourself already liking the standard Apple wired earphones, these may be just what you need. Are they slightly more expensive than their rivals? Yes, but if you’re already heavily invested into the Apple ecosystem, a pair of refurbished AirPods may be exactly what you want. Boogie woogie.

Other Great Brands

Ok, so these are just a few popular favorites, but there are a ton of other niche brands that make unbelievably good headphones. Some of these are much more expensive than brands we discussed previously, but if you’re really serious about sound, some of these may look familiar: 

  • Bang & Olufsen

  • Audio Technica

  • Beyerdynamic

  • Harman Kardon

  • Klipsch

  • Skullcandy

  • JBL 

  • Jabra

Cheap Headphones; How Cheap is Too Cheap?

There’s nothing better than getting a pair of surprisingly good cheap headphones. But whenever you’re paying under $50 for headphones, you’re taking a risk. That’s why we strongly suggest reading user reviews for the specific model that you want. Even famous higher-end brands like Bose sell lower-grade headphones that won’t impress sound junkies.

Another factor to remember: think about what kind of sound profile you like. If you like a rich bass, look for brands that are known for catering to your sound palette. Finding a pair of headphones that you like is a lot like wine tasting, different people will prefer different sound profiles! Our advice: find a few brands that you like and then stick with them. Peace out.