Best Samsung S21 Black Friday Deals in 2023

Updated on November 22, 2023

Updated Nov 22, 2023 - Where should you look for the best Galaxy S21 deals this year for Black Friday? Back Market has you covered with great discounts that you don't have to wait for. Here's how much you can expect to spend on the S21 this Holiday season.

Biggest Black Friday deals on the Galaxy S21 in 2023

Android shoppers this year will be looking for the best Samsung deals this Black Friday, but if you don't have $800 for the newest Galaxy S23, then you might be looking for a reliable Galaxy model at a more reasonable price. Luckily, you can start saving now or wait for any other time of the year when you shop for a used and refurbished Galaxy S21 at Back Market

Currently, you can only buy the Galaxy S21 FE on Samsung's site for $599. However, the best Black Friday deals you'll find will be for a refurbished Galaxy phone. For example, Amazon has the unlocked Galaxy S21 5G for $215.

Alternatively, you can save more by shopping at an exclusively refurbished marketplace like Back Market, where sellers are held to a higher quality standard. Right now, you can get an unlocked Galaxy S21 starting at $196 or -9% off of Amazon's deal price.* These Back Market prices will likely be lower than what we'd expect to see from popular retail stores and online sites on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

*Price found on as of Nov 2023

Samsung Galaxy S21 Black Friday Prices (Unlocked)

Back Market Prices Prices**

Galaxy S21 128GB



Galaxy S21 FE



Galaxy S21 Plus



Galaxy S21 Ultra



*Lowest price found on as of Nov 22, 2023

Compared to the Black Friday deals we're seeing on Amazon, you can save up to 50% more on a Galaxy S21 purchase on Back Market. You can find even cheaper deals if you shop for phones that are already locked to your current phone plan carrier. All Back Market purchases are also backed with free standard shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase today.

When can I find the best Galaxy S21 deals?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be featured on popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and the Samsung store. The discounts mentioned above are already available and you can expect to continue seeing Back Market prices for 30-50% less than other retailers throughout the weekend.

That said, if you are not in a rush and prefer to wait a couple of days to compare the day of Black Friday deals, that's great. Back Market will still have low prices on the site if you need them afterwards.

Alternatively, you can let other shoppers wait anxiously in line for 'big sales' or spend hours perusing online retailer sites for discounts, while you shop comfortably for a Galaxy S21 on Back Market that will perform the same as a brand new version from 2021.

Galaxy S21 (5G) Black Friday deals

Even in 2023, the standard Galaxy S21 model stands out with a powerful Snapdragon 888 chipset, a great AMOLED display, and versatile camera setup. It also has long-term software support from Samsung since it's only 2 generations old and excellent cost savings compared to newer flagship models.

Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase the standard Galaxy S21 on Samsung's site. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with Black Friday deals on expertly refurbished Galaxy S21 phones starting under $200:

Current price for a Galaxy S21 128 GB (Gray) - Unlocked : $196

Current price for a Galaxy S21 128 GB (Gray) - T-Mobile: $189

Current price for a Galaxy S21 128 GB (Gray) - AT&T: $196

Galaxy S21 FE Black Friday deals

When the S21 FE was released, it was originally intended to be a lower cost option within the S21 series. However, now that these phones are mostly sold second-hand, the prices have been adjusted to meet demand, and the FE is actually slightly more expensive on average.

Samsung actually still sells this model new on its site for $599, but you can save more than half on this cost buying a refurbished version with the lowest prices found on Back Market:

Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 FE 128 GB (Gray) - Verizon: $199 Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 FE 128 GB (Purple) - Unlocked: $199 Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 FE 128 GB (Gray) - AT&T: $200

Galaxy S21 Plus Black Friday deals

If you prefer a smartphone with a bigger battery and larger screen, then you might be most interested in finding Galaxy S21+ deals. They'll be slightly more expensive on average, but you can still find them in the $200-300 range on Back Market this year:

Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB (Black) - T-Mobile: $223 Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB (Black) - AT&T: $232 Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB (Black) - Unlocked: $234

Galaxy S21 Ultra Black Friday deals

For the most premium features among all the Galaxy S21 series models, look no further than the S21 Ultra. Even though it understandably comes at a higher price point, you'll get upgraded screen size and quality, quad-camera setup with improved zoom capabilities, S-Pen compatibility, and additional RAM for faster processing.

You'll likely be spending about $100 more on this model over the S21+ at most retailers, but Back Market has a locked AT&T model starting under $300. Otherwise, you'll find the S21 Ultra in the $300-400 range:

Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 Ultra 128 GB (Black) - AT&T: $258 Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB (Black) - Verizon: $314 Current starting price for a Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB (Black) - Unlocked: $315

Are Galaxy S21 deals worth it in 2023?

Shoppers this season are simply looking for the best ways to save money on quality products, so getting a Galaxy S21 in the $196-400 range is absolutely a great deal. Android Authority even agrees that the S21 is still a great phone, even after the release of the popular S23.

Overall, the S21 series has a good blend of display quality, build/design, camera capabilities and chipset performance that have been slightly improved upon by the Galaxy S22 and S23 models, but still holds up as a quality smartphone, especially for the price.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, you can find an unlocked Galaxy S21 starting at $196 at Back Market, which is 67% off of a brand-new Galaxy S23 FE at $600. Additionally, compared to other refurbished retailers, Back Market product quality is unmatched since we're a true refurbished marketplace that takes the time to screen all our sellers and make sure you're getting the best products from expert technicians.

Pro tip: if you plan to buy a phone on Black Friday, sell your old Samsung Galaxy to Back Market for cash to add to your Holiday shopping budget.

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