Black Friday iPhones

Best iPhone unlocked Black Friday Deals in 2023

Updated Nov 24, 2023 - Unlocked iPhone deals are here and we'll help you find the best discounts during this Holiday season at Back Market.

Where to find the best iPhone Unlocked Black Friday discounts in 2023

Unlocked iPhone prices are typically higher than buying an iPhone that's already locked to a carrier, but you can still find some great deals on unlocked phones during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Also, the freedom that an unlocked phone gives you, might save you more money on a phone contract in the long run.

That said, you won't find unlocked deals at carrier network sites like Verizon and AT&T. According to USA Today, Verizon had to stop selling unlocked iPhones due to an increase in thefts. Knowing this, you'll be limited to finding the best deals for an unlocked phone on popular retail sites like Walmart and Best Buy, straight from Apple, or saving even more by buying from a trusted refurbished site like Back Market.

For example, Best Buy currently offers a clearance price of $566.99 for an unlocked iPhone 12 64 GB. Back Market has the same unlocked iPhone 12 for $285 or 50% off compared to Best Buy.

Similarly, you'll find a pre-owned unlocked iPhone 13 128 GB for as low as $440 at Walmart. Comparatively, Back Market has an unlocked iPhone 13 starting at $415 or 6% off compared to Walmart's price.

Keep in mind, every unlocked iPhone purchase at Back Market also comes with free standard shipping, a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can shop knowing that you're guaranteed a quality product at a low price.

Unlocked iPhone Black Friday deals by model

Back Market offers excellent prices on all unlocked iPhone models during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and any other day of the year. It's difficult for other retailers to beat these prices for the same high quality product.

Here are a few of the best iPhone unlocked deals* that you'll find during Black Friday in 2023:

*Prices found on as of Nov 24, 2023

Unlocked iPhone 14 deals

Let's start with one of the most recent iPhone models and check out unlocked iPhone 14 deals. Worth noting, that you can still buy the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus new at the Apple Store, but the Pro and Pro Max have been discontinued.

You'll find better deals on Back Market by up to 32% compared to other retail Holiday prices.

Unlocked iPhone 13 deals

Discover all Black Friday discounts with our iPhone 13 Black Friday deals guide. You'll find that Back Market regularly beats other retailer Holiday sales prices by up to 29%.