iPad Pro Black Friday

Best iPad Pro Deals for Black Friday 2023

Updated Oct 18, 2023 - Get the latest iPad Pro 6th generation for -16% off during Black Friday 2023. See how much you can save on other iPad Pro models this Holiday season as well.

iPad Pro Black Friday Prices in 2023

If you're waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for iPad Pro prices to drop, you're in luck because sales have already started on Back Market and will continue to have some of the best iPad Pro discounts available. Right now, you can get the latest iPad Pro 6 (2022) for $720 or -10% off of Apple's new retail price. Or if you need the bigger screen upgrade, we also have the iPad Pro 6 12.9" starting at $918 or -16% off of retail price.

Usually, you'll unlock more savings when you shop for older generations of the iPad Pro. So, if your budget is a little smaller this season, you can still find a great tablet device in the iPad Pro 3 (2018) starting at $378, which is 41% off compared to Apple's refurbished store.

See how Back Market's deals on the iPad Pro compare this Black Friday:

iPad Pro Black Friday Deals

Back Market Price*

Apple Store Price**

iPad Pro 6 11" (2022)



iPad Pro 6 12.9" (2022)



iPad Pro 5 12.9" (2021)



iPad Pro 3 11" (2018)



iPad Pro 2 11" (2017)



*Starting price found on www.backmarket.com/en-us as of Oct 2023

**Source: https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-pro and https://www.apple.com/shop/refurbished/ipad/ipad-pro-11

Discounts to expect on the iPad Pro 6 this Black Friday

Last year, we saw discounts on the iPad Pro across popular retails of about 8-12%. For example, in 2022, cnn.com reported the iPad Pro 6th generation on sale on Amazon for $999, which was a -9.1% discount or $100 off. Businesswire.com also reported other iPad Pro bundles that would save you $30-100 on iPad accessories with your iPad Pro purchase.

Not bad deals, but you can already expect better discounts this year on www.backmarket.com/en-us. As mentioned earlier in the article, the latest iPad Pro model is up to 16% off compared to retail price. So while you might find Black Friday iPad Pro sales from other retailers, we don't expect them to be much better or even comparable to our current prices.

Are iPad Pro deals on Black Friday worth it?

The iPad Pro is an impressive piece of hardware, but that comes with a hefty price tag. Any sale or discount is going to be a welcome deal for most shoppers and we think the deals you find on Black Friday will definitely be worth it.

At the moment, the cheapest iPad Pro deal you can get is the iPad Pro (1st generation - 2016) starting at $117 at Back Market. While this is still a very capable device, it will no longer be supported with iOS updates starting this year and will not receive the iPadOS 17 update.

If you're looking for the lowest cost iPad Pro that's still supported, you might consider the iPad Pro 2 (2017) starting at $188. Considering this iPad Pro deal is under $200 for an up-to-date device, this is an incredibly good option for budget shoppers this Black Friday.

Our favorite deal is still the iPad Pro 3 (2018), which is a powerful device under $400 on Back Market that will continue to be supported until at least the end of 2025. That will save you up to 41% compared to the same model on Apple's refurbished store.

Add accessories to your iPad Pro purchase

Since you'll be saving on your iPad Pro with a Black Friday deal this year, if you have a little room left in your budget, don't forget to think about accessories.

As we saw last year, some Black Friday sales might offer you a bundle where you can buy an iPad Pro and get a free or discounted accessory like a cover or desktop stand. But if you need something like an external keyboard or Apple Pencil, you might be better off finding deals for those separately.

Luckily Back Market has you covered this year, with wireless or detachable iPad keyboards starting at $75 and the 1st gen Apple Pencil for $99. As a reminder the Apple Pencil 1 is only compatible with the iPad Pro 1st generation or 2nd generation or iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch. You'll need an Apple Pencil 2 for all other iPad Pro models.

Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211029