What are the best Black Friday laptop deals in 2022?

Updated Aug 9, 2022 - Whether you're a gamer, a student, or you just need a new laptop for work — Black Friday is a good opportunity to score a good deal.

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What specs should I look for when buying a laptop on Black Friday?

Are you looking for the perfect laptop? Whether you're a gamer, a student, or you just need a new laptop for work — Black Friday 2022 is seen as the ideal moment to buy cheaper tech. But, the question is often whether you really need all the new products or if the offers from websites like Amazon just make you think that you do. If your computer is on its last leg and barely functioning, you’re probably looking for a new computer. Check out refurbished laptops — they’re 70% less vs. buying new, and they leave a much lighter environmental footprint than brand-new ones..

Choosing the right laptop involves some thought. But you don't have to wait for Black Friday deals to get a new one or replace a broken computer. As a first step, think about what you want out of a laptop: 


  • Do you prefer portability, power, or image quality?
  • Do you prefer a thin, lightweight laptop with a screen between 11 and 13 inches?
  • Does a 2-in-1 computer with a touchscreen that can be used as a tablet speak to you?
  • Do you need a 15-inch to 17-inch screen for optimal viewing comfort?
  • Or are you simply looking for performance? In this case, we recommend a gaming laptop. In terms of performance, no other laptop compares. 
Different needs, different laptop types: How do you choose?

✅  Mini laptop

If you travel a lot and only need your laptop for general office work or simple projects, a small laptop is just right for you. Notebooks, Chromebooks, and other ultraportable laptops are perfect for you. They’re compact and lightweight — great for carrying around.


We recommend checking out the Dell XPS 13, which is easily the best ultraportable laptop currently available. 


✅  Professional laptop

If you need more power, take a closer look at the next level: professional laptops. They’re bigger, faster, and more powerful. Unless you're designing 3D or using other powerful design applications, there's no need to invest in a state-of-the-art graphics card or processor. A ThinkPad from Lenovo, for example, would be great, or even a Dell XPS.


✅  Black Friday gaming laptop

To fully enjoy video games you’ll need excellent performance, a strong graphics card, enough RAM, and a solid processor. The best PC gaming 2022 configuration specs include:


  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Min. i5 core processor (last generation)

We also recommend gamer laptops from Asus or MSI. 


✅  Do you like to use Apple products?

Apple products are usually a bit more expensive than their competitors. And in the end, it’s usually a matter of taste whether you prefer Windows or Apple. The good thing about a refurbished MacBook is that you get good quality at a lower price — and you don’t need to wait for any special deal. 


Whether you are interested in the newest models that feature the M1 processor or one of the older models from 2018, 2019, or last year — we’ve got you covered. Luckily, you can find all the older models of the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air on Back Market because we believe that the Apple technology lasts for years. There’s no need to always buy the newest version.

👉 For a complete overview, we check out our guide: How to find the best MacBook deal


✅  Do you prefer a PC instead of a laptop for gaming?

Laptops are incredibly practical but not always sufficient, especially for gaming fans. As an alternative, "real" gaming PCs are great. Whether you want one ready-to-go or you prefer to assemble the individual parts yourself, we’ve got you covered. On Black Friday (and any other day of the year), you can get great deals on graphics cards, SSDs, and monitors.

Where will the best Black Friday laptop deals be?

We totally get that Black Friday 2022 seems like the perfect time for many to buy that long-awaited laptop or accessories, like keyboards, monitors, and headphones


But refurbished electronics offer the chance to get a good price year-round, and buying renewed helps out the environment, too. With super deals every day, you don’t really have to wait for Black Friday sales. You can buy now, later — whenever you feel like it.


👉  Plus, at Back Market all of our items are backed by a 1-year warranty and 30-day returns, in case you decide what you buy isn’t right for you. 

Our pick of the best cheap laptops on Back Market

Asus Black Friday: The Asus Zenbook is ultraportable with a sleek design. For more storage and performance, the Asus Vivobook is a bit more suitable. You'll also find excellent quality gaming laptops with Asus.


Gamer deals: Have you been longing for a 4K screen for a while? Need a new mouse or other accessories? Always wanted an external keyboard? Need more storage or extra RAM? A larger game selection? Well then, what are you waiting for? 


Here you'll find all the products you need to make your green gaming heart happy. 💚

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: when should you buy your laptop?

Black Friday — which by the way is an especially dark time for the environment — is a day built around deals. By pushing so-called “best deals” for a limited amount of time right around the holidays, electronics retailers encourage people to take advantage of “amazing” Black Friday sales and buy a lot of stuff (yaaay overconsumption🤦 ).


While it used to last just 24 hours, Black Friday has evolved into a week-long and even month-long event. Cyber Monday is just the continuation of Black Friday, despite the different name.


All this to say: you have super deals every day at Back Market, which means you can skip the frenzy and buy the electronics you need whenever you want to.

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