Apple Watch Series 7 Black Friday

Deciding between an Apple Watch 6 or Apple Watch 7 on Black Friday

Updated on June 28, 2023

Updated Oct 9, 2022 - Instead of waiting for Apple Watch Series 7 Black Friday deals to make your decision, shop refurbished Apple Watches anytime. Find out how to get the best prices, Black Friday or not.

The truth about Apple Watch Black Friday deals

Are you already on the lookout for holiday gifts in October? Then you probably know that many companies slowly increase their prices leading up to Black Friday 2022, in order to offer you “bigger” discounts when the sale hits. Don’t let the alleged bargains and special offers over the next few months fool you! 

Let's take a quick look at the differences between the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 7, and consider whether a refurbished model from a recent series is really much different than a new Apple Watch.

Did you know: Every year Apple releases a new Apple Watch series with minimal changes.  Each time, valuable raw materials used for manufacturing new devices are extracted from the earth, but they’re getting scarcer every year. Apple's widespread marketing campaigns lead people to believe their working Apple Watches are "obsolete" and these perfectly good devices disappear into the far corners of drawers. 

We're here to spread the word that you don't always have to grab the latest model (feel free to ditch the new Apple Watch Ultra too). When you compare the latest Apple Watch model to its predecessor, it’s clear that not much has changed. With refurbished Apple Watch deals, you can do the environment a favor and you’ll get an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

👉 TL;DR: Don’t buy an Apple Watch during Black Friday unless it's refurbished!

Overview: Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 7


OLED display

1,000 nits max brightness

OLED display

1,000 nits max brightness

* 20% larger display

Battery life

* 18 hours

18 hours

Charges 33% faster



Space Gray



* (Product)Red

Midnight (dark blue)




* Starlight (warm white)

Water and dust resistance

* Water resistant (50 meters)

Water resistant (50 meters)

Dust resistant (IP6X)

Price (refurbished)

* Starting at $200 on Back Market

* Starting at $260 on Back Market

Who should consider an Apple Watch 6?

In general, the differences between the two models are limited. If you're not a fan of the larger display and thicker design of the Series 7, you can opt for the Apple Watch 6 without worrying that you’re missing out on anything. A refurbished Apple Watch 6 offers an excellent price-performance ratio, with current deals on Back Market starting at only $200. 

We’ve done our homework on which smartwatch is the best. After many hours of research, the Apple Watch is a clear favorite and many fans prefer the Apple Watch 6 after comparing it to other models. It’s an especially good choice for those who have never owned a Smartwatch before.

Will the Apple Watch 6 price be cheaper on Black Friday?

Back Market is an online marketplace where hand-picked expert refurbishers can sell devices that have been professionally renewed. Prices vary depending on many factors, so it’s always worth checking back often. As for Black Friday Apple Watch deals, refurbished devices are always cheaper than new, so we skip the price war by offering up to 70% off new all year long.

Who should consider an Apple Watch 7?

If you need a larger display or prefer a green color for your watch, consider the Apple Watch Series 7. If you plan to wear the watch often and use it for both fitness tracking and other tasks, the faster charging time may also benefit you. The Apple Watch is also a bit more durable than the 6, thanks to dust resistance and a crack-resistant crystal face, so it may be a better choice if you plan to wear it for lots of outdoor adventures.

Will the Apple Watch 7 price be cheaper on Black Friday?

Apple Watches are popular, but they come with a hefty price tag. The good news is that whenever a new series is released, prices tend to drop for refurbished models in the previous series. Following the release of the Apple Watch Ultra in September 2022, prices for models like the Apple Watch 7 are starting to decrease. 

Instead of shopping Apple Watch Series 7 Black Friday deals on new devices, you’ll save even more money with lower prices on a refurbished Apple Watch 7. It’s like Black Friday every day, only better for your wallet and the environment too.

Find Apple Black Friday products for sale all year long at Back Market!

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Written by Blanca Marín

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