Which iPhone Has the Best Camera?

If you're serious about photography or video, check this out :D

Best iPhone camera right now?
The Unfortunate Truth About iPhone Cameras

This is an easy question to answer, although the short answer is somewhat unfortunate:

The newest and most expensive iPhone is always the one with the best camera :’(

However, I do have good news :D

Although it is true that the most expensive iPhones are the ones with the best cameras, all premium iPhones from recent years have somewhat similar cameras! And at Back Market they are easy to afford, no need to wait for an  iPhone Black Friday deal! 

Hint! Since the iPhone 11 Pro is still super expenisve (even if you buy it refurbished) we suggest getting the used & refurbished iPhone XS if you're looking for a phone with a really good camera. It has a camera that is only a hair worse than the one in the 11 Pro, but for only half the price.

The Good News

I’ll make this very simple: If you want an iPhone with a really great camera that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, get either the refurbished iPhone X, XS, or XS Max. And once the iPhone 12 comes out, you’ll probably be able to add the 11 Pro to this list as well—since at that point it will become significantly cheaper if you’re buying the it refurbished from Back Market.

What differentiates these iPhones from others is their additional lenses and portrait modes. Since they have more cameras, they’re able to have a few focal lengths, so you can actually zoom in and out like you can on an actual camera. Other iPhones are also able to zoom if you pinch the screen in the camera app, but this is only digital zoom. In other words, it isn't a real zoom, and you’ll probably be able to tell when you inspect the picture quality of these photos—it won’t be great. But with the refurbished iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro, you’ll be able to have an actual zoom thanks to multiple lenses. And remember, the more lenses the phone has, the more zoom it can have :D So, naturally, the iPhone 11 Pro will have more available zoom range since it has 3 lenses. The iPhone 11 Pro is also known for its impressive night mode, which is able to capture epic details in dark conditions using some crazy computational photography tricks.

But at this time, it's still hard to get a good deal on an iPhone 11 Pro. Therefore, we suggest getting the iPhone XS. It's just a year older than the iPhone 11 Pro, but provides better bang for your buck. You can find examples of the iPhone XS on Back Market for under $500. 

And we have even better news: by buying a refurbished iPhone you save money but also help the environment! That makes the Black Friday deals look a bit old, right? ;)

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