How Trade-in helps the planet — and your wallet

How Trade-in helps the planet — and your wallet

Updated on October 16, 2023

Published Oct 5, 2023 - Our trade in program is an easy, contract-free way to make cash, help the planet, and clear out your old tech.

Old tech happens to everyone

We get it. There isn’t always an easy way to dispose of your old tech, and oftentimes it ends up sitting in the bottom of your closet or tucked away in a bookshelf. You know you shouldn’t throw it out, but there’s nowhere easy to recycle it, so another year comes and goes with your iPhone 11 sitting on the shelf.  What if we told you there’s a way to tackle your old tech while making cash? Keep reading to find out how.

The circular economy explained

Turns out, that old iPhone 11 can help cut the planet a break. How? By using it as your ticket into the circular economy. The “circular economy” is the idea that we as humans can help reduce environmental damage by reusing resources we already have — because, well, we actually already have a lot. Most old tech ends up as e-waste, languishing in landfills and slowly eeking out toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. In fact, e-waste is the fastest-growing stream of solid waste, beating out fast fashion. When you take your old tech and rehome it through Trade-in, you give the circular economy a boost.

Why Back Market Trade-in is different

We’re not like other trade-in programs. That’s because we’re contract-free. While most carriers (like Verizon or AT&T) do offer trade-in, you can only use it when you’re purchasing a new phone — and a new wireless contract. With our Trade-in program, you can send off your device completely contract-free, and receive cash directly to your bank account. 

Wait, cash?

Yep, we pay you directly for your old tech. So if you’ve been hanging on to that old phone in case your current one breaks, consider cash in the bank as a backup instead. After completing the device assessment, you’ll receive an offer for your device. Then, you’ll have 3 weeks to send in your device to the refurbisher. When it’s delivered, you’ll get your money deposited in your bank account within a couple of days. We even pay for the shipping.

Interested, but need more details? Get a play-by-play of how Trade-in works.

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