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iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 13 mini


iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 13 mini
Width 64.2 mm 64.2 mm
Height 131.5 mm 131.5 mm
Weight 135 g 141 g
Thickness 7.4 mm 7.6 mm
Volume 62.47 cm³ 64.16 cm³


iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 13 mini
Resolution 1080 x 2340 px 1080 x 2340 px
Density 476 ppi 476 ppi
Size 5.4 inches 5.4 inches


iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 13 mini
Battery capacity 2227 mAh* 2438 mAh*
Removable battery No No
Wireless charging Yes Yes
Fast charging Yes Yes
Ultra power saving mode Yes No

*Refurbished devices sold on Back Market offer at least 85% of this maximum charge capacity.


iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 13 mini
Maximum storage 256 GB 512 GB
Number of processor cores 6 6
External memory slot No No
RAM capacity 4 GB 4 GB
5G support Yes Yes
LTE support Yes Yes


iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 13 mini
Front camera resolution 12 MP 12 MP
Main camera resolution 12 MP 12 MP
Multi lens Yes Yes
Optical zoom Yes Yes
Flash Yes Yes
Optical stabilization Yes Yes
Slow motion video Yes Yes
Main camera video resolution 2160 px 2160 px


iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 13 mini
Stereo speakers Yes Yes
3.5mm jack socket No No
Radio No No
Number of microphones 2 2

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iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 13 mini Comparison

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini are small in size but big on performance. The Minis are packed with Apple's advanced features, but have a smaller size—and smaller price tag—than other iPhones.

If you like compact phones that are easy to carry, you'll love these two devices. Released just a year apart, how big of a difference is there between the iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini? Here are the main differences and how to choose between the 12 Mini vs 13 Mini.

iPhone 12 Mini size and display

When it comes to the iPhone 12 Mini, size definitely matters. Both the 12 Mini and 13 Mini are easy to hold or slip into your pocket, measuring 5.18 inches high by 2.53 inches wide. The iPhone 13 Mini is just slightly thicker than the 12 Mini (a 0.01-inch difference). The iPhone 12 Mini is lighter at 4.76 ounces, compared to the iPhone 13 Mini which weighs 4.97 ounces.

Both the iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini have a 5.4-inch display. The smaller screen is nice for users who prefer to use their phone with one hand. If you watch a lot of video content on your phone though, you may prefer a larger screen size.

While the screen size is the same, there is a difference in the iPhone 13 Mini’s brighter display. Both phones feature OLED screens, but the iPhone 13 Mini offers 800 nits of typical max brightness, compared to 625 nits for the 12 Mini. According to Apple, the updated screen on the iPhone 13 Mini improves readability for users, even in direct sunlight.

iPhone 12 Mini vs 13 Mini storage

The iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini may be the same size, but one packs a bigger punch when it comes to storage. The iPhone 12 Mini is available with 64, 128, or 256GB. The iPhone 13 Mini starts with a larger capacity and comes in 128, 256, or 512GB versions.

If you want maximum capacity in a Mini iPhone, the 13 Mini may be a better choice thanks to its larger storage capacity options. However, if you use cloud storage or don’t tend to save a lot of photos and data on your phone, you can save some money by opting for a smaller storage capacity on the iPhone 12 Mini.

iPhone 12 Mini vs 13 Mini colors

While these Minis are look-alikes, they do come in different color options. Both the iPhone 12 and 13 Mini are available in red. However, the rest of the iPhone 13 colors are different. 

The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini colors are:

  • Black

  • White


  • Green

  • Blue 

  • Purple

The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini colors are:

  • Midnight

  • Starlight


  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Green

Colorful options are available for both Minis, but the tones are quite different. Overall, the iPhone 13 colors are more muted and not as bright as the iPhone 12 finishes. Both the 12 and 13 Mini offer a ceramic shield front to help protect the body of the device and a glass back to support wireless charging.

iPhone 12 Mini vs 13 Mini performance and battery life

Both the iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini offer impressive performance, packing the same advanced technology as their respective base models into a fun-size version. One difference between these two Minis is that the iPhone 13 Mini has the newer Apple A15 Bionic chip, while its predecessor is powered by the A14 chip. 

In terms of daily performance, the main thing users will notice about the A15 chip is the improved efficiency and longer battery life in the iPhone 13 lineup. The 13 Mini has a larger battery than the 12 Mini, and the A15 chip is better at managing power, so you’ll get a few more hours of use from the 13 Mini.

According to Apple, the iPhone 12 Mini lasts up to 15 hours of video playback, 10 hours of video streaming, or 50 hours of audio playback. The iPhone 13 Mini offers up to 17 hours of video playback, 13 hours of video streaming, or 55 hours of audio playback. Both take about the same amount of time to charge, and both are fast-charge capable if you’re in a hurry (and willing to shell out for the adapter, sold separately).

Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 12 Mini to 13 Mini?

The iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini are both designed for users looking for compact smartphones that don’t sacrifice performance. They share many of the same features, including a dual 12MP camera system with Wide and Ultra Wide lenses. 

The newer iPhone 13 Mini offers an improved screen, double the storage capacity, and longer battery life than the iPhone 12 Mini. For heavier users, it may be worth the upgrade. No matter which Mini you choose, you can save money and help reduce e-waste by buying a refurbished iPhone.

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