iPhone 13 colors: Here are all the official iPhone 13 color options

Find out which colors are available for iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, plus all the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max colors. If you're shopping for an iPhone 13, you'll want to check out these new shades.

iPhone 13 colors
What colors does the iPhone 13 come in?

In September 2021, Apple released the iPhone 13 series, which includes the base model iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 comes in an array of new colors, notably in a more muted palette than previous iPhone colors.

The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are available in six colors: 

Along with new colors, the iPhone 13 offers some small improvements over the previous iPhone 12. For example, the Pro series' new ProMotion display, cinematic mode, larger camera sensors, a smaller display notch and more.

For more details on how these two iPhones differ, check out our iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 comparison.

While the iPhone 13 is great, it’s also one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. If it’s out of your budget, don’t worry: you can buy a refurbished iPhone 13 in your favorite color and spend far less than you would on a new phone. At Back Market, there’s no risk since you get a 12-month warranty and 30 days to change your mind with every purchase.

Let’s get back to the design of the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini have a glossy back and matte frame, while the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a matte back and glossy frame.  The iPhone is coated with a fingerprint-resistant, oleophobic (oil-repelling) coating, so you don't have to worry about constantly cleaning your smartphone to get rid of fingerprints.

Now all you have to do is choose a color: whether you prefer light, dark, metallic, or colorful options, there’s an iPhone 13 color for everyone. Read on to find out more about all the iPhone colors and how to choose the right one for you.

Is iPhone 13 Midnight black?

The Midnight color is almost black, and it’s the darkest shade available for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini. While it’s nearly black, it does contain a slight navy blue tint. This is the first time in the history of iPhones that Apple has offered this type of variation on black by giving it a different tone.

iPhone 13 colors midnight

The Apple Watch 7, released at the same time as the iPhone 13, is also available in the same Midnight color. This color is a nice departure from the iPhone 12 lineup, which featured a pure black shade.

What color is Starlight for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini?

Starlight is a warm white shade, the lightest in the range. The color Starlight is available for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, as well as Apple Watch 7. Compared with previous iPhone colors, Starlight is a warmer shade of white.

iPhone 13 color Starlight

Apple has managed this color adjustment very well; the cream-colored iPhone 13 looks extremely chic and elegant. Not only did Apple change up its darkest shade offering by infusing a bit of navy blue into the Midnight color, but it also offers a different variation on stark white with the Starlight color option. Both Midnight and Starlight were popular enough to carry over into the iPhone 14 colors.

PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 13 color

If the bright red iPhone 13 color looks familiar, that’s because it’s carried over from previous Apple products. Apple partners with PRODUCT(RED) to offer this bold color choice, with a portion of proceeds going towards the Global Fund to combat COVID-19. Apple has donated up to $250 million to help fight HIV and AIDS, among other things, over the past 14 years through the sale of products with (PRODUCT)RED.

iPhone 13 and 13 Mini color red

The iPhone 13 Mini and base model iPhone 13 are both available in red. While most of the iPhone 13 colors are muted tones, the red color is the boldest and definitely the most eye-catching. The color is so bright, you might be tempted not to cover it up with a case. Luckily, you can always opt for a clear case to let your red iPhone 13 show through while still protecting it from drops!

Blue iPhone 13 color

The blue iPhone 13 color is different from the shade of blue available on iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 color is a warmer blue with a slight turquoise or teal tint, whereas the iPhone 12 blue is a bolder and colder shade of blue.

iPhone 13 color blue

The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are both available in blue (note that it’s a different shade of blue for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, we’ll get to that later though).

Pink iPhone 13 color

The pink iPhone 13 and 13 Mini is a muted, pastel shade that looks great with the silver Apple logo on the back of the phone. It’s not too bright, which keeps this shade feeling fresh.

iPhone 13 color pink
Green iPhone 13 color

While iPhone 13 wasn’t originally released in green, Apple added the green color option for iPhone 13 and 13 Mini in March 2022. It’s a dark, muted green color that differs slightly from the Alpine Green shade offered on the iPhone 13 Pro models (more on this later).

iPhone 13 green color
What colors are available for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max?

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max colors are:

  • Sierra Blue
  • Graphite
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Alpine Green

Apple also changed up its iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max colors, offering a choice of metallic gold or silver, a dark shade of graphite, or the more colorful Sierra Blue and Alpine Green shades.

Sierra Blue is basically an updated version of the brand’s Pacific Blue color; it’s a slightly lighter and more pastel shade of blue. Sierra Blue color is available for both the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pro models. It’s worth considering this shade because it stands out and looks unique.

iPhone 13 pro and pro max colors silver and sierra blue

In recent years, metallic colors have only been available on the Pro versions of the iPhone. The Silver iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max color variant looks classy and is the most elegant of the iPhone 13 colors.

If you want something flashier, the Gold iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max color is the way to go because it has shiny sides. For those who prefer darker tones, the Graphite iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is the darkest color option.

iPhone 13 pro and pro max colors gold and graphite

In Spring 2022, Apple added the Alpine Green color to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Alpine Green is not as dark as Apple’s popular previous Night Green shade, and not as light as the iPhone 11 green shade. Instead, it’s a rich forest green that looks fresh and fun.

iPhone 13 pro and pro max color alpine green
What is the most popular iPhone 13 color?

The most popular color on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini is Midnight, followed by Blue and Starlight. Pink and Red are at the bottom of the list, as they probably appeal to a somewhat smaller group of customers.

The most popular iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max color is graphite. However, it is closely followed by Sierra Blue, which seems to be Apple fans’ favorite new color. Silver comes in third place and gold rounds out the group as the least popular color choice.


Which colors are missing from the iPhone 13 lineup?

Even though the iPhone 13 colors are particularly nice (especially Midnight, Starlight, and Pink), some Apple fans miss the brighter colors like the purple iPhone 11 and the rich night green from the iPhone 11 Pro series.

All of the iPhone 13 colors look very good, and in the end it's a matter of personal preference which color you like best. Regardless of which color you choose, it's always a good idea to protect your phone with a case.

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