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Where are all the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 Active?

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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has a solid construction, excellent physical controls and a dedicated button that can function as a camera trigger. Inside, it's still the same top-notch cell phone as Galaxy S5.
The Galaxy S5 Active Fortunately, the navigation buttons (Start, Return and Recent Apps) in the Galaxy Active S5 are just as good as the previous version. Like with other Samsung mobile phones, holding the Home button down will open Google Now, and pressing it twice will activate S Voice. If the multi-window function is open, pressing and holding the back button will open or hide the navigation window of the function.
Like the regular Galaxy S5, the galaxy 5 active features a 16-megapixel view camera, a 2-megapixel front view camera, and a heart rate sensor at the rear, right next to the LED flash. By removing the back cover, you find the microSD card slot, SIM card, and removable battery.
As for being the cell phone for athletes, the Active Key button opens the compass, barometer and some other tools and applications that are very useful. Since you can assign the opening of any application to this button, the function can serve anyone, which does not limit it to a phone for just one type of people. The Samsung Galaxy 5 active features extra benefits without sacrificing power or performance.