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Refurbished Turntable Vinyl

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Refurbished turntables: enjoy listening to your old vinyl records without spending a fortune

Want to reconnect with the vintage sound of your old records, but don’t want to spend too much? A refurbished turntable is just the thing! Thanks to the great deals at Back Market, you can pick one up for much less than if you bought from the store.

Get a great deal on a cheap turntable

Have you been thinking about dusting off the old record collection, but are missing one vital element – the record player itself? Then you should treat yourself to a certified pre-owned turntable from Back Market, so you can enjoy the sounds of your youth without any feelings of guilt. We have cheap turntables from all the biggest brands in the industry, including Technics, Auna, Audiophony, Denon, Elipson and others. Each model is unique, with some refurbished turntables having integrated CD and MP3 players, integrated speakers, and some higher spec models that come with an in-built encoding capability to find your favorite songs from your computer. And of course, the ability to connect your refurbished turntable to an amp and speakers for stereo-tastic sound is common to most models.

Buy a turntable with complete confidence at Back Market

A turntable can be a rather delicate piece of equipment, and is probably why you’re not considering buying a second-hand turntable – it’s just too risky! Instead, you can buy a turntable from Back Market with total peace of mind, knowing it has been thoroughly tested by our experts to ensure it works perfectly. What’s more, your cheap turntable will also come with a 12-month warranty for additional buying confidence. What more could you ask for?

Treat yourself to a trip down memory lane for less than $40 with a refurbished turntable that lets you play all your old records until your heart’s content.