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Galaxy S20 5G 128 GB - White - Unlocked

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    Sarah L.


    2 months ago

    Seems pretty good so far. Battery life clearly isn't what it was out of the box, but still an improvement from my old Moto g7. Not too sure how refurbished unlocked phones work -- i'm a little confused as to why it's tied to a carrier (t-mobile in this case) but it works on verizon. I'm just used to new unlocked from the manufacturer. Or at least I hope that's the case. I got "Very good" condition but cosmetically it's flawless. It's damn nice having a phone that actually *works*. No stalling, no overheating, no more deleting venmo after every payment to save some room.


    Crystal C.


    5 months ago

    So far I'm still in my first 30 days but I don't see myself returning this phone and getting my money back. I chose the "good" condition and the phone came with no cosmetic damage that I could see. So far it functions perfectly and I'm so happy since it is a big upgrade from my last couple phones (A12 and A32 5g). I will definitely be using Backmarket for future purchases and would be really happy to purchase from this seller/refurbisher again.


    Gary K.


    4 months ago

    It looks brand new. This is only my 2nd "smart" phone, so it's all a bit much for me still. I had an irritating update glitch the first couple days, that we resolved together, or it resolved itself, not sure. I feel like Back Market is a top shelf organization with a superb site and customer service. The refurbisher of my phone was friendly and helpful, and I feel they will be there for me if I need them again. At this point I can't see myself going anywhere else for another phone in the future. I hope this company has success and stays around. Thank you, Jodie and Gary.


    Lisa G.


    3 months ago

    I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G about 3 weeks ago. The ordering process was a breeze and I received my phone in just a few days! This phone looks brand new. Not a scratch. It will take me awhile to figure out everything it does considering it replaced my S7. But, so far it is great.


    David J.


    4 weeks ago

    I've bought Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB, rated as excellent, for approx. 360 USD. I've had it for only 1 week now and I must say... so far so good. On the outside, it looks almost untouched. As for the electronics, I've only encountered problems with its speakers (sometimes you could barely hear them with max volume, but after you reopen the app or restart the phone, it works again) and its battery (it does not last long, but I guess that is reasonable as the phone is used).


    Susan F.



    Everything was great and I love my "new" phone! I think refurbishing phone is awesome and it should be like buying a used car. Win for everyone, including the environment!


    Stephen J.


    4 months ago

    I've had this refurbished S20 for about a month. So far is works as well as a new one. Very pleased with it.
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    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Galaxy S20 5G

    This is the phone that will change photography

    Meet Galaxy S20 5G. With revolutionary 8K Video Snap, 5G connectivity and Space Zoom up to 100x, the way you capture and share your life will never be the same. Shots you never even knew were there are suddenly just a tap away.

    A massive leap forward in resolution and zoom for mobile photography

    108MP lets you pinch in. Again. And again. And again. Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G breaks the 12MP barrier by giving you millions more pixels in each photograph. Which means, for the first time ever, you can pinch in to capture details you've never seen before.

    Zoom in 100x to find shots you never knew existed.

    Get closer to the action than ever before with our most advanced zoom yet. With the power of 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom and our highest resolution image sensor to date, you'll capture moments you might have missed.

    Almost triple the sensor size so you can shoot more of the night.

    Photos taken with Night mode on Galaxy S20 plus. BTS stands in a low-lit hallway, holding objects lit up with glowsticks and neon lighting like a guitar, clarinet, basketball, sunglasses, and more. In the Night mode off photo, you can see outlines of the band members but mostly the glowsticks and neon objects. In the Night mode on photo, the faces and outfits of the band are much clearer and more colorful.

    8K Video Snap revolutionizes how you capture photos and video

    Capture crisp content with staggeringly high-resolution video for a smartphone. Galaxy S20 5G's resolution jumped from 4K to 8K—4x bigger than UHD and 16x bigger than HD. Not only are videos sharper, you'll be able to pull full 33MP stills directly from your videos.

    Shoot one shot, produce multiple pieces.

    This is burst mode on beast mode. Single Take's AI captures up to 10 seconds in a variety of still and video formats with one tap, so you can focus on getting the best shot in the moment without worrying about how you're capturing it.

    Galaxy S20 5G - 128 GB - White - Unlocked

    • Screen size (inches) : 6.2
    • Color : White
    • Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? : Fully unlocked (GSM & CDMA)
    • Storage : 128 GB
    • Memory : 12 GB
    • Model : Galaxy S20 5G
    • Processor brand : Qualcomm
    • Processor Core : 8
    • Megapixels : 64
    • OS : Android
    • Resolution : 1440 x 3200
    • Network : GSM/CDMA + 5G
    • Release Date : March 2020
    • Double SIM : Yes
    • Manufacturer Ref. : SM-G981
    • Release Year : 2020
    • eSIM : Yes
    • Foldable : No
    • Connector : USB-C
    • 5G : Yes
    • Verizon compatible : Yes
    • AT&T compatible : Yes
    • T-Mobile compatible : Yes
    • Sprint Compatible : No
    • Memory Card Slot : Yes
    • SAR head : 1.07
    • SAR body : 1.03
    • Brand : Samsung
    • Weight : 6 oz

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