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APAC Solutions is a leading distributor of Wholesale Mobile Phones & Accessories in United States. We service a large & dynamic group of global clients including Fortune 500 corporations, Wholesale re-sellers, & Retail chains. By being focused on the success of our valued clients and partners we have earned an industry leading reputation of trust and integrity. Big or small we provide all our customers with the same unparalleled levels of service, tailored to meet your specific market dynamics. Our company is led by experienced executives and dedicated employees who have proven that being committed to excellence ensures proper execution of each project. img_abt We are best at delivering the right products to the right customer at the right time, ensuring your continued business success, and creating a solid foundation for a long term business relationship which will outlast any changes to the industry, and enable you to achieve your long term goals. Our extensive knowledge, forward looking vision, constant innovation, vast strategic resources, and our focus on global partnerships, means we are best positioned to work on your behalf to help you prosper and grow your business in the wireless industry.

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