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Refurbished MacBook Air

Our very best Refurbished MacBook Air:


MacBook Air 11" (Early 2015) - core i5 - RAM 8GB - SSD 128 GB

-62% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Stallone
30 oz of e-waste saved

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MacBook Air
The MacBook Air is a Macintosh laptop developed by Apple. It was presented in San Francisco on January 15, 2008, during Steve Jobs' keynote in the Macworld show. The device is a powerful, compact and super lightweight laptop that responds efficiently to almost any task you want to assign, plus an innovative design, unique to its kind. The MacBook Air has been updated several times, the latest one, which succeeds the Macbook Air 2015
Model achieved greater autonomy, a fourth-generation Intel Core processors with faster graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and flash storage up to 45% faster than the previous generation. And despite these enhancements, the new MacBook Air maintains a great value for money.
As said, the Apple MacBook Air features fourth-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors for efficient consumption, which translates into a significant improvement in autonomy, now 8 hours for the MacBook Air 13 inch model and up to 10 hours of video playback in HD. The MacBook Air 11 inch version offers up to 9 hours of autonomy and up to 8 hours for HD video playback. This little machine is called a jewel. These chips feature the system called Intel HD Graphics 6000, which are the key to easily process video and graphics to improve playback quality, as well as speed when editing photos or videos. The RAM memory processor is 4 Gb DDR SDRAM, which is quite fast.
The MacBook Air is very compact and discreet, thanks to the fact that it does not have a traditional hard disk, but incorporates a technology called 'solid-state flash storage, which allows it to reduce the size of the component by almost 90%. It is also quieter, more stable and resistant to movement and shock. The MacBook Air is less than 2 cm thick and 30 x 19.2 cm in size, making it extremely easy and comfortable to transport, the device weighs only 1.1 kg.
The incredibly slim and lightweight design of the new MacBook Air incorporates a dual microphone, a FaceTime HD camera, a high-speed Thunderbolt port and two USB 3.0 ports. It also supports the option of dual monitor and mirror video, keeping the native resolution on its integrated display. The MacBook Air meets the strict requirements of Energy Star 5.2 and has earned the EPEAT Gold rating. Its material is made from recyclable aluminum and its energy-efficient LED-backlit display is mercury-free and arsenic-free. Apple laptops do not contain brominated flame retardants, are PVC-free, and are constructed of highly recyclable materials.
Despite its incredibly compact size, its storage drive has a capacity of 128 Gb; enough to store movies, games, music, photos and many more files on a device that takes less space than a book. In addition, it has one of the longest battery life in the market: the 11-inch model is 10 hours continuous and, in the 13-inch model, it is 12. If left in 'sleep' mode, the battery can last up to a whole month. The model is a statement of the quality and innovation that a such as Apple can bring. If you're looking for a laptop that is compact, without neglecting excellent performance, The MacBook Air is an excellent option.