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Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB - Midnight Black Unlocked

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28 products

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189 ounces.

In buying a Used & Refurbished Galaxy S9 Plus, you're helping prevent 189 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 2700 Pringles. Yum-o.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+ devices

Gift yourself a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+ from Back Market

Among the latest smartphones released by Samsung, the Galaxy S9+ has many benefits to offer. In addition to a large, responsive screen, it is fitted with all the latest features of the brand. Combining this cutting-edge technology with an affordable price, Back Market has a range of cheap Samsung Galaxy S9+ devices to suit your needs.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+ devices: the best of Samsung at a low price

To give everyone access to the latest generation of smartphones, Back Market’s specialized technicians give refurbished devices a second life. With a 6.2-inch screen, high-end components and elegant design, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+ offers stunning performance – competing with the best in the industry.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy S9+ from Back Market

Not content with simply offering the best price on certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S9+ devices, Back Market provides quality workmanship and a 12 to 24 month warranty to safeguard you from future defects. Each device is thoroughly tested, and in the unlikely event something does go wrong, you can request an exchange, free repair or full refund – at no extra cost.

Buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a great way to get one of the latest smartphones for a low price. In addition to saving money, Back Market guarantees devices against future failures and defects for 12 months. What more do you need to know ?