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PlayStation 5 - HDD 1 TB - White

PlayStation 5 - HDD 1 TB - White

30% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Condition: Good
137 oz of e-waste saved

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5 products

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"The sound and the fury" -  our most popular searches

All generations of refurbished PS4 consoles at unbeatable prices!

The PS4 is something of a legendary console, and has been delighting gamers since 2013. Get a great deal when you buy a PS4 from Back Market and you too can enjoy this thrilling gaming experience.

Certified pre-owned PS4 consoles: a variety of models on offer

From the original PS4 through to the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro variations, a refurbished PS4 console comes in many shapes and sizes. The price of a refurbished PS4 can therefore fluctuate according to the design, hard disk capacity and type of controller. You can also get a cheap PS4 that comes with a game or package of games to get you started straightaway. And when you buy a refurbished console from us, as opposed to from an individual, you can be sure your console has been thoroughly tested and in perfect working order – further safeguarded by a 12-month minimum warranty.

Quality PS4 accessories are also reduced with Back Market

To make the most of your refurbished PS4 console, Sony has a range of accessories you can buy. The indispensable Dualshock 4 or V2 controllers are available in a multitude of colors and prints. And for online multiplayer games, you might want a refurbished PS4 headset to complete your gaming experience. Finally, the dedicated camera and PlayStation Move controllers are also available for a low price to complete the set-up of your refurbished PS4 console.

More than 90 million units of the PS4 console have been sold since its launch. Thanks to the refurbished PS4 from Back Market, you too can join the Sony family for a fraction of the cost.

Ok, so these PS4 deals are pretty sweet, but maybe you still have a few questions about refurbished game consoles before you buy?